5 Easy Tips for Organizing Classroom Activities with Clever Storage Solutions

Is your classroom full of colorful activity pieces that entice learning but maybe make a mess? We all want a vibrant classroom with a strong learning environment. However, there’s a lot to keep track of! All of our educational activities have a unique role in the classroom. So, how do we keep everything straight to ensure our learning isn’t disrupted by chaos? I have some great tips for organizing classroom activities to make sure your learning environment continues to thrive. Keep reading! 


Tools for Organizing Classroom Activities

One of my favorite tools to use to organize classroom activities are IRIS photo boxes. These will store individual center activities with ease! Each box is transparent so you can see each activity while making sure all the little pieces stay in place. Because they are small, they are easy to slide into shelves which helps keep activities organized and right at your fingertips. This means you’re always ready to pull out an activity to get your students learning. 

Our centers can be printed at a smaller scale to make it easy for you to use these photo boxes to hold your resources for kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth graders. Simply print the over of each activity and tape them to the outside of the box and place the pieces inside. This makes it even easier for you to find the perfect activity for your students all while organizing classroom activities. 


How to Store Activity Pieces 

Once you have everything organized, you still need a place to put all your activities. You want to make sure the way where you constantly have to move them. However, you want to make sure you are able to make quick transitions between activities so students stay engaged and focused. Zippered pouches are a great way to help with flow and accessibility. 

Zipper pouches are small, durable, and transparent. They are perfect for guarding those small, easy-to-lose pieces. Plus, they can be labeled, hung, or stored in larger boxes so you can quickly transition between activities. On top of all of that, you can send zipper pouches home with ease for extra practice. Like the Iris photo boxes, you can print the activities a bit smaller so they fit in backpacks. 

Organizing Classroom Activities for the Month 

One of the best things about our centers is they are super easy to organize ahead of time. You can use the Iris 12×12 scrapbook boxes to create a month-by-month organization plan that will turn into a year of learning centers. Can you imagine having each month’s activities stored and labeled in sturdy, easy to access boxes? This means no more mid-month scrabble to find material you need. With this system, everything is in a neatly assembled box that is easy for you to get to. 


Personally, I like to store each activity in its own gallon size zip style bag. Then I put them in the month they will be used for. Finally, when it is time to pull activities for small groups, centers, or additional practice, they are organized and ready to go. This saves so much time planning and prepping. 

To help you get and stay organized, we have this great guide and labels you can use for organizing classroom activities. Simply clIck to grab this FREE GUIDE

Digitally Organizing Classroom Activities 

We live in the age of technology. Whether you like it or not, it is a big part of the future; therefore, we need to utilize it to the best of our abilities. You can organize your online resources and virtual activities using folders, cloud storage and educational platforms. All of our literacy and math centers come in a digital format that is easy to use on multiple platforms. 

Get Students Involved with Organization 

Organizing your learning activities doesn’t just have to be a one person job. You can get your students involved to help them take ownership in keeping everything nice. Have your students set up and breakdown activities to help them learn responsibility, organization, and collaboration. When organizing classroom activities becomes a group effort, maintaining and organized learning space gets that much easier! 


Organizing classroom activities is an important aspect of having a positive and effective learning environment. When you have everything at the tip of your fingers, there’s no time for downtime or unproductive chaos. So, check out these resources and get ready for an organized classroom you’ll love working in! If you have other organizational tips, leave them in the comments!

Until Next Time…Keep Being Educational Rock Stars!

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