Mastering Teacher Desk Organization with 3 Simple Steps

Does your desk ever look like it rained papers, staples, crayons, markers, pens, sticky notes, and more? Well, if you said yes, you are probably a teacher. Itโ€™s easy for our desk to become an overwhelming dumping ground that brings an overwhelming feeling of dread when we finally get the chance to look at it. However, it doesnโ€™t have to be this way! You can use tools for easy teacher desk organization. What is the secret? Keep reading to find out! 


Teacher Desk Organization 

Having all your materials organized is a big part of teaching. However, teacher desk organization is just as important. When you have an organized desk, you feel more prepared. Plus, youโ€™ll be able to grab what you need without having to be a detective or archeologist first. In order to have prime teacher desk organization, you want to prioritize your needs, use your space well, and make a weekly plan for cleaning. 

Prioritize Your Needs 

I know I think I need it all when it comes to my desk. However, some things are essential just at times. When you have optimal teacher desk organization, you know what you can move from your desk for the week. To help prioritize and organize your supplies on your desk, have three different zones. One for today, one for this, and one for this month. Having these zones will help you know exactly what you need and when. 

Speaking of zones, you can also have zones on your desk for things that need to be graded, an area for planning, and a zone for materials you need to keep. Having all of these in their own areas or folders can be a game changer! 


Make sure you have a desk calendar to keep track of all the things. This needs to be a priority and it needs to be visible. We have too many meetings, events, holidays, and more to keep track of. Having a calendar that is FUN and FUNCTIONAL is always important. 

If paper really isnโ€™t your jam or youโ€™re more of a tech nut like me, you can save time and trees by organizing documents you need to access throughout the week digitally. This saves you space on your desk and in your drawers!

Utilize Your Space for Optimal Teacher Desk Organization 

Itโ€™s no secret that teachers need a lot of tools to get the job done. From papers to supplies to materials to manipulatives, we have a ton to keep track of! Because there is so much stuff and so little space, you need to get creative. Using vertical  space like shelves on walls near your desk or on your desk and give your desk a bit more space. 

Alternative Storage 

Sometimes we have to get creative with our space because we simply donโ€™t have thingsโ€ฆlike drawers. If you donโ€™t have drawers on your desk or you donโ€™t have enough, you can get creative. Teacher desk organization doesnโ€™t mean that everything is hidden. If you donโ€™t have drawers, try using baskets and bins. These can be desk buddies that hold things when youโ€™re busy teaching. You can also hang pegboards or a magnetic board on the wall by your desk. This creates vertical organization and will look like a canvas of creativity!  


Use a teacher toolbox to hold all the little things. A teacher toolbox is a teacher must-have to hold the material like paper clips, magnets, staples, tape, and more! Having all of these items in a teacher tool box is the ultimate way to keep everything in one place which makes teacher desk organization a breeze. 

Clean Up Time 

Keeping your teacher desk organization on point is a daily task. Take about five to ten minutes a day to give your space a little love. This helps you start the next day with a clear mind which can go a long ways! 

Finally, once you get organized, you want to make sure you stay organized. To do this, set aside a โ€œfeel-good Fridayโ€ ritual. This is a 15 minute desk pamper session to set the stage for the upcoming week. Your Monday self will thank you. 

Keep Clean-Up Colorful 

If youโ€™re someone who gets overwhelmed with clean up, I have a few options to make it simpler for you. First, you can color code categories of tools by subject. This can make knowing whatโ€™s where and where to put things back much easier when itโ€™s teacher desk organization time on Friday. 


Toss the Trash 

Another big part of clean up is getting rid of things that you donโ€™t need anymore. Only keeping materials that are essential is a big part of keeping your desk organized and avoiding the overwhelming feeling of a tornado desk. 

There you have it! To get your teacher desk organized, make a list of what you need, get creative with your space, and give your desk a little love every day. When our space is nice and organized, our minds are free to do what we do bestโ€“inspire, educate, and connect! 

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