10 Classroom Organization Tools for Effective Learning Environments

What makes a thriving classroom environment for teachers and students alike? Well, there are several aspects that help like structure and clear expectations. However, these aren’t the biggest pieces of an effective classroom. Having strong classroom organization tools helps maximize learning and minimize disruptions. How do you create a well-organized classroom? Well, you need materials that are easy to access, a manageable digital workspace, and innovative strategies that will make differentiating instruction and administrative tasks a breeze. So, what classroom organization tools do you need to make your classroom a pinnacle of productivity? Keep reading!

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Benefits of Using Classroom Organization Tools 

When you have a well-organized classroom, you have a well-oiled machine that runs with little to no problems because everything is working together to make each moment seamless. In an organized classroom, students can navigate the space independently and have clear, concise, and consistent expectations. This well-oiled machine doesn’t fix itself though. Having classroom organization tools help bring your classroom up to code! 

Using classroom organization tools brings so much to the table! For example, you’ll have improved time management, less teacher stress, more focus, and student autonomy. All of this organization helps students feel more confident and independent. This means you have more time for small group instructional activities, student support, and innovative ideas. 

Classroom Organization Tools You Need! 

When it comes to organizing my classroom, I like to have these classroom organization tools on hand! Why? They make keeping everything organized manageable. Plus, they are easy for students to use. 

Iris Boxes 

Iris boxes are one of the biggest life savers when it comes to organizing your centers. Once you do the hard work of getting center pieces together, you don’t want to lose them. So, I have them all in Iris Boxes that are labeled. So all I have to do is pull out the box I need and I’m ready to go for the next day. These are perfect for kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth graders because they are accessible. Plus, to further your organization, you can check out how I organize my center materials to keep everything stinkin’ simple! 


Roll with a Rolling Cart

To keep everything together and mobile, it’s nice to have a rolling cart. Having everything on a cart ensures that you have one place for all the things you’re going to need in a snap. Plus, you can bring it with you to the library, outside, the gym, or anywhere else you may need to go. 

Re-Use Pant Hangers 

Using pant hangers is a great solution if you have anchor charts you don’t want to get rid of or are struggling to hang. You can use these pant hangers to tuck them away or to hang them up in your classroom. This reduces clutter making this one of the best classroom organization tools. 

Reusable Zipper Pouches 

Using Ziplock bags for everything isn’t the worst. However, they tear and break down quickly. If you use these poly zipper pouches, you’ll be able to store manipulatives and supplies with ease! Plus, your students can easily access and put away the tools you put in there to help them be successful and independent. 

Magnetic Rods 

Another great way to display anchor charts is through the use of magnetic rods. These go directly onto the board so it’s easy to hang everything up and reference it during whole group instruction or small group instruction. Plus, it keeps the clutter down and gives your students a place to focus. 

Ceiling Hooks

If you are limited on space, ceiling hooks could be the answer you’ve been looking for. When you can use vertical storage, you clear up cupboard space which keeps everything nice and organized. When your cupboards are organized, students can be more independent when getting materials and supplies as needed. Plus, they are great for hanging decorations in your classroom. 

A Teacher Tool Box for Classroom Organization Tools 

This is one of my favorite things! A teacher tool box has everything you might need throughout the day. This might include highlighters, pens, markers, pencils, rulers, paper clips, a pointer, etc. Anything you might need throughout a lesson can be right in this tool box and at arms reach. No more rummaging through drawers to try to find things. It will all be right here and easy to use. 


Classroom Organization Tools for the Digital World 

When it comes to technology, it’s super easy to be organized if you set up the right classroom organization tools. From online resources, schedules, or online meetings, you have to have a way to keep it all organized. The following digital tools have been lifesavers in navigating through digital teacher tools. 

Google Chrome Tab Organization 

If you’re anything like me, sometimes there are literally 20 tabs open and I can’t tell you where the music is coming from. When you use Chrome’s built-in tab management features, you can group and pin tabs. This makes navigating your tabs a breeze while minimizing distractions keeping you productive. 

Using Google Keep for Notes

If you’re constantly taking notes on this piece of paper or that piece of paper, then Google Keep will be your lifesaver in terms of classroom organization tools. You can create, access, and manage your notes and checklists which is great for common routines. With this app, you can label, color code, and set reminders all while you manage tasks. The best part is everything is at your fingertips. 

Showcase Student Work on Seesaw

Your students do a ton of work, and you should show off their hard work and progress. Seesaw is a great digital tool which allows students to upload their work and showcase their learning. You can organize, review, and assess student submissions on Seesaw. Plus, you can have students collaborate and reflect on their work all while keeping parents in the loop regarding their child’s progress. 

Getting Yourself Organized

All of these tools are great classroom organization tools that have done wonders for me. However, you have to make sure you choose an effective classroom management plan that will work with your unique needs, challenges, and dynamics of your classroom. Consider factors like age group, curriculum needs, physical space, and technological resources before making a final plan. 


Once you have decided what you’re going to use, make sure you make a plan to implement all of them so they are effective and not overwhelming. It’s always good to start with clear objectives and then start to slowly bring in the new tools. Doing this allows you and your students to adapt slowly. You can also use professional development and training sessions to make sure you are utilizing the tools to the full effect. Finally, make sure you allow students to give feedback and do some self reflecting to see what is working and what’s not. 

Creating a classroom environment that is organized and easy to flow through isn’t too hard especially when you have these classroom organization tools to help you along the way. Whichever tools you choose to use, make sure you create a classroom that is functional and easy to manage to maximize student learning!

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