Math and Literacy Review Activities for Busy Elementary School Teachers

Do you want to engage your students in critical skill review but don’t have time to plan and prep? It can be a struggle to find time to not only do but create high quality math and literacy review activities as a teacher. I’m going to share with you efficient and engaging math and literacy review activities. These will save you time and help your students make leaps and bounds in math and literacy. 

Math and Literacy Review Activities that Work (and are Stinkin’ Simple!) 

As an elementary teacher, finding time for math and literacy review activities can be a daunting task. However, you can use these techniques and resources to help you get math and literacy review into your daily routine. 

  • Use No-Prep Printables
  • Have Hands-On Centers
  • Maximize the Benefits of Math and Literacy Review
  • Invest in Quality Resource

Using No-Prep Printables for Efficient Math and Literacy Review 

One of the most effective ways to review math and literacy skills is with no-printables. Because they are no-prep, they take no time for you to get together which makes them efficient. Printables provide a simple way to review important concepts without requiring too much prepping and planning. Plus, they can be used for fast finishers, morning motivators, or in centers. Our no-prep printables, plus our Spiral Review that you can get for first, second, and third grade, and Review in a Snap™ are perfect for busy teachers just like you! 

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Spiral Review

With our Spiral Review Activities, you can get daily no-prep math and literacy printables designed for first, second, and third grade. These math and literacy review printables give students a quick and effective way to review critical skills. For example, students practice skills such as: addition and subtraction, phonics, and sight words. These year-long bundles help you save time with planning and prep, and your students still get meaningful reviews! 

Review in a Snap ™

Review in a Snap ™ is another great resource with so many fun no-prep printables. In our shop, you can find monthly printables that are designed to provide engaging and interactive review activities for kindergarten through fifth grade students! These math and literacy review printables offer a variety of activities including: writing prompts, word searches, and math problems. These activities are a fun and efficient way to review critical skills with your students! 

Create Hands-On Centers to Increase Engagement 

No prep-printables are a great way to save time; however, some students need a bit more hands-on work to truly engage. Review math and literacy with hands-on centers that were created to provide engaging and interactive review activities. The centers we have are easy to set up and can be used over and over again, making them a valuable investment for any elementary school teacher. 

Our math and literacy center bundles give you a comprehensive set of hands-on centers that cover too many critical skills to count! These centers include activities including: sight word building, addition and subtraction puzzles, and letter sound matching. When you use these centers for kindergarten through fifth grade, your students will review important skills while having so much fun! They’ll be so engaged, they won’t even realize they are learning!  

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Maximizing the Benefits of Math and Literacy Review Activities 

Having creative, hands-on math and literacy review is great, but you also have to incorporate review into your teaching. While no prep-printables and hands-on centers are a great way to review, you can maximize the benefits of review by playing games, singing songs, or doing read-alouds in class. 

When you combine several different review techniques, your students are going to stay more engaged because nothing ever gets boring. You can play games such as Bingo, Memory Math, and I Have Who Has. These games offer a fun and interactive way for students to review critical skills. 

You can also sing songs or use chants to help students retain information that is still engaging. There are so many songs out there that talk about sight words, phonics, and addition and subtraction. By incorporating these songs and chants into your teaching, you can make your math and literacy review activities engaging. 


Using read-alouds to review math and literacy. By reading books that have critical skills such as phonics and comprehension, you can help your students develop stronger reading skills while reinforcing important concepts. You can also use read-alouds to introduce new topics and get students invested early. 

Invest in Quality Resources 

Incorporating a variety of resources into your math and literacy review activities is important, but you need to make sure you are using quality review activities. Investing in resources can pay off in the long run especially in regards to your time and sanity. No-prep printables and hands-on centers are valuable resources that save time and engage students while they get review over critical skills. By investing in these resources, you are ensuring that you have the tools you need to give effective and engaging review activities to your students every single day. 

At Farrah Henley Education, we have high-quality math and literacy review resources that are just what a busy elementary teacher needs! From no-prep printables to hands-on centers, these resources are created to save time and engage your students. By utilizing these resources, you are giving your students the review they need to make meaningful progress throughout the year. 

Math and literacy review activities are an essential part of every classroom. However, finding the time to plan and implement these activities can be a challenge for busy teachers. When you use no-prep printables and hands-on centers, like the ones available at Farrah Henley Education, your students will be engaged, and you won’t have to stress. You can also maximize review with games, songs, and read-alouds which are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Use these tips and resources to make math and literacy review activities fun and engaging for your students!

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  1. What great ideas! This will help me review with my students more and save me time!

  2. These are great ideas! I hope that some of these are included in my membership!

  3. Marisol Guerra says:

    I think that finding useful resources that will be beneficial for kids , not I Ku for a day , but through the year is a great advantage for us. These are resources that we don’t have to create and that will be used over and over to help the children grow

  4. Thank you for the suggestions, they will be used!!!

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