Fun Review Activities: 5 Low-Prep Ways to Make Review Engaging for Students

Teach all the things and don’t forget to review! Review is an essential part of teaching; however, it can seem tedious for teachers and students alike! What if I told you it doesn’t have to be? There are so many fun review activities that can make the process of engaging students in an effective review stinkin’ simple! Plus, they are all low-prep activities for you!

Fun Review Activities

Reviewing can seem like a tedious task, but it’s important to make sure you are getting students engaged in effective review. Here are five fun review activities that you can use in your classroom that are low-prep: 

  • Kahoot!
  • Jeopardy 
  • Memory Game
  • BUMP and Squares Your Brain™
  • Scavenger Hunt

1: Review with Kahoot!

Kahoot! Is just like a video game with an awesome learning twist! This online platform allows you to create quizzes and games for your students. All students need to join is the pin number and their own device whether that’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In the games, they compete against each other or on teams to see who can answer the questions the fastest with the most accuracy. 

To use this fun review activity, you just need to create a quiz or game that aligns with the skill you want to review. You can include multiple choice questions, true/false questions, and even pictures and videos. Then, invite your students to join the game by sharing a code or create a challenge for them and share the link on your online platform. If you don’t want to make your own quiz, you can find premade questions or full quizzes online that you can duplicate and edit or use as is. 

This is a fun review activity to get students interacting with their review in a fun way! It’s easy to set up and easy to use. You can use the free version, or you can pay a yearly fee and get other features of Kahoot. 

2: Use Jeopardy as a Fun Review Activity

Everyone knows this classic game! Jeopardy has been popular for decades and it can be a great review activity for your students. All you need to do is create a Jeopardy game board with different categories and point values. Each category can represent a different skill or topic you want to review. The point values can be adjusted based on the difficulty of the questions or the depth of knowledge that’s required to answer them. 

To play this fun review activity, divide your class into teams and have them take turns choosing a category and point value. Simply read out the question and let the teams complete to give the correct answer. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game, wins! There are so many pre-made Jeopardy templates available online, so you don’t need to spend time creating your own! 

3: Memory Games

If you’re looking for a simple fun review activity, memory is a great choice! This classic card game can be used as a fun review activity using content in your classroom. To create a memory game, simply create pairs of cards with different terms or ideas you want to review. Then, shuffle the cards and lay them face down in a grid pattern on the table or desk. 


To play the game, have students take turns flipping over two cards at a time to try and find a match. If a student flips over two cards with the same term or concept, they get to keep the cards and go again. If they don’t have a match, they must flip the cards back over and it becomes the next player’s turn. 

This fun review game can be used for any topic from math facts, vocabulary words, or historical events. It’s also a great way to improve students’ memory and concentration skills. 

4: BUMP and Squares Your Brain™ 

I love using BUMP and Squares Your Brain™ from our store because you teach your students to play it one time and they get it! These fun review activities are a great way to practice important skills. In our shop, we have so many low prep, read-to-use learning games for so many subjects and grade levels. 

Between BUMP and Squares Your Brain™, your students can review anything from phones and sight words to math skills. To use these games as a review activity, simply choose a game that aligns with the skill you want to review and follow the directions. These games often involve movement, teamwork, and friendly competition! Add all of that together and you have a hit review activity!  

Check Out the Links for These Awesome Review Games!

Using BUMP as a Fun Review Activity 

One of the great BUMP games is the BUMP Phonics Game from our shop. It’s fun and interactive way for students in kindergarten and first grade to review important phonics skills. This game involves rolling dice and reading words that go with the phonics skill being reviewed. Phonics sounds include the short vowel sounds, consonant blends, and more! 

To play this BUMP game, print out the game boards and get some dice! Students take turns rolling the dice and reading the words. If they read the word correctly, they get to cover it up with a game piece. If they roll a number that goes with a word that is already covered, they can “bump” the opponent's game piece off the board and put their own in its place. 

This fun review game helps your students build phonics fluency and confidence in an engaging way! 

Squares your Brain™ Review

This fun review activity is a brain teaser game that will help your kindergarten and first grade students use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The game covers a wide range of topics like math, logic, and phonics. 

To play this game, choose one that goes with the concept you are reviewing and following the instructions provided. Students can play this game by themselves. However, if you add a dice, they can play with one or two partners as well.

All students need to do to play is roll the dice, add the numbers together, uncover the corresponding question in the middle and math the tile to the correct answer. Simple! But that’s not the best part! The best part is this game is self-checking making this SIMPLE to prep, SIMPLE to play, and a total WINNER! 

5: Scavenger Hunts 

Our final fun review activity for this blog is a scavenger hunt. This is a fun, interactive review game that gets students moving around your room. To create a scavenger hunt, you can hide different items or clues around your classroom or school that relate to the skill you want to review. You can create a list of questions or tasks students must do to find each item or clue. For example, if you are reviewing math, you can hide different math problems or manipulatives around the room. As students find each item, they must solve the math problem or complete a task related to the skills. The first team to get all the tasks done, wins! 


Scavenger hunts are a fun review activity because they can be tailored to any skill or topic. They get students up and moving and work together to review important materials. 

Fun review activities are a great way to take the tedious out of review. By using any of these five activities into your lesson plans, you can engage students and review important skills they will need to continue to build their understanding of important math and phonics concepts. You can easily incorporate all of these games into your math and literacy centers for easy use! These fun review activities won’t only reinforce learning, they will also help to build your students’ confidence in their learning.

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10 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Legere says:

    My kids love any kind of interactive, game type of review! These ideas are fantastic – thank you!

  2. Love these ideas for review! We love anything engaging and interactive in my room.

  3. Michelle magana says:

    Incorporating several games after Staar is helpful to keep my kids engaged.

  4. Michelle Mauldin says:

    I love these ideas! Lots of fun and gets the review job done too!

  5. Jennifer Randolph says:

    I love all of these suggestions. I am going to have to try out the BUMP Phonics Game as an end of the review for my Kinders. ❤️

  6. Love the idea of using a memory game to review! So fun!

  7. I use Kahoot a lot, but rarely remember about Jeopardy — that’s a great idea and good to shake things up.

  8. I love these suggestions and I will definitely be using some of them.

  9. Melissa Ramirez says:

    I love and have played these game ideas with students except for BUMP an Squares your Brain. I will have to try this one! 🙂

  10. Great ideas! Scavenger hunts are such a great motor break as well- love the idea of using it for a review too!!

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