How I Tamed My Classroom Pencils: Classroom Pencil Hack

Need a way to tame your classroom pencils to save your sanity from endless days searching for pencils in your classrooms?  A few years ago, I was down to my last nerve when it came to pencils in my classroom.  

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Students were always losing their classroom pencils and never seemed to have one when they needed one. It was an endless cycle! That’s when I developed this amazing classroom pencil hack that changed my life…literally!

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Never mind the fact that we never get all the school supplies requested at the beginning of each year. Before school started I was at WalMart stocking up in Ticonderoga pencils because let’s face it…these are the best! Regardless of how many I bought….it was never enough!!! That’s when I developed a hack, and fun way, to keep my kids organized with their classroom pencils!

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The Process

Well FINALLY I was DONE! This pencil hack was super easy to get started. I decided that I would assign everyone a pencil and see, just see, if they could possibly keep up with it! I mean how hard could it be to keep up with a stinking pencil? Apparently IMPOSSIBLE before this classroom pencil hack!

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So, to save my sanity and my pocketbook I was willing to try anything. I implemented a system that completely changed my life and my classroom! Here are all the details of how I started a PENCIL WAR!

Each student was given a brand new pencil on Monday..  I had four table groups each labeled with a color. Also, assigned each student a number at the beginning of the year that we use for EVERYTHING we do in class. so, naturally their pencil was numbered as well.

I purchased some colored dot stickers from Avery (there are enough to last me through next year I am sure) and I went to work.  Then, I put a dot on their pencil in their table color and then wrote their number on the sticker.

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Next, I put a piece of tape around it just to secure it so they didn’t take the sticker off.  I gave them all new eraser tops at that time as well!


The Classroom Pencil Hack Rules 

  • You may not sharpen your pencil.  If it needs to be sharpened, trade it in and when I see them in the “please sharpen” bucket I will sharpen and lay out for you to come get. You must return my pencil you borrowed when you pick up your sharpened pencil.
  • If I find your pencil on the floor…it’s MINE…and you lose it and must borrow one from me and you owe me 2 min of your recess each day for the rest of the week. (Usually spent cleaning the classroom with me)!
  • At the end of each day, the student of the day will pick up all the pencils and turn them into the bucket to be sharpened for the next day.  Student of the day will sharpen pencils before we leave each day and lay them out at the supply station.  You may pick your pencil up each morning.
  • On Friday, at lunch, all pencils will be turned in for a final inspection.  Your pencil must be free of chew marks..can I get an AMEN…and must have their eraser toppers. If you have your pencil and it is in good condition you will be rewarded a SUPER IMPROVER star on our Super Improver Wall.

Easy…Peesy…Lemon Squeezy!!!

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The Results

I was skeptical but this is what was turned in on Friday!  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!  Every child turned in their pencil! I was so proud!  Even my little who didn’t have her eraser was excused because it broke during an activity we were doing while she was erasing and she just hadn’t had time to get a new one.  No pencils on the floor, no fighting over whose pencil was whose…SUCCESS!


The best part was watching my students keep each other accountable. When a student left a pencil in a station or at the small group table, a teammate from their table would usually grab it and return it to the student it belonged to. Teamwork!!!

The SUCCESS didn’t stop with Week 1! By the end of the second week we were rocking and rolling and 24 pencils had lasted two full weeks! WOOOO HOOOOO!  The NEW pencil you see on the top is because me…yes the teacher…dropped her pencil behind the bookcase (a really heavy one) and I haven’t been able to retrieve it!  Leave it to the teacher to lose the pencil! 🙂  It’s all COOL!  I got my new pencil for next week a little early!


Over the course of the last five years, this has been my routine with pencils. On average, we use a 24 pack of Ticonderoga pencils every three to four weeks. Depending on how much writing we are doing I might need to replace them more often. But it is a far cry from the 24 pack a week we were using before I implemented pencil war.

Final Thoughts

The words, “Teacher I can’t find my pencil!” Are rarely heard in my classroom anymore. Students are learning responsibility, community teamwork, and accountability when needed. Best of all, this teacher is able to afford more resources for us to learn in fun and engaging ways.

Want to stop the pencil madness in your own classroom? Have another system that is working for you? Share your insights below and let me know if you try PENCILWARS in your classroom!

Thanks for stopping by teacher friends and as always…let your passion find it’s inspiration to be the best teacher your students need each and every day!  

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