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Back to School Resource Round Up

It's time for a back to school resource round up!  They’re in! Back to school ads have hit the papers and it is time for you to buy back those pencils and books and work on that teacher look. While going back to school and ending summer can come with some mixed feelings, there are so many ways you can brighten up getting back into the routine by looking for back to school resources to help you have a successful school year. 

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The Problem With Online Search

Going online to find resources is common practice in today’s world. While there is no shame in your searching game, when just randomly searching for back to school resources on any given site you can run into a couple of problems.

  • One, the subject matter you find may not be what you planned on covering.
  • Two, it is very broad and actually creates more work for you.
  • Three, it was too specific and there is no way for you to tailor it to your classroom’s needs.
  • Four, there is often not a bulk of material in one spot and therefore you have to go to multiple sites. 

A big reason this becomes a problem is simple: the people writing or creating these tools may have never spent a minute in a classroom outside of their grade school years. This is why tailoring your search to sites like Teacher’s Pay Teachers is so beneficial!

By using Teachers Pay Teachers, you are getting back to school resources from people who have used them and you can read reviews from others who have used them as well. Plus, if you have introduced your school to TPT for Schools, your resources could be paid for by your school district!  Check out TPT for Schools for more information.

I am passionate about teaching and about helping you be a healthy teacher! To help peel off a layer of stress, I encourage you to log onto Teachers Pay Teachers and look for Mrs. Shipley’s Classroom (or click the little TPT Store tab at the top of this page). Once there, you will be able to find several different items to help you have a successful school year! While there are 171 products to browse through, there are a few I am incredibly excited about this year. 

Back to School :  Year Long Centers Central

Getting to teach students a little bit of everything is very rewarding but it can also be a bit trying as well. I have created several year-long centers to help your students stay focused and have fun while learning. These centers come in bundle packages and have had great ratings! They are a TPT Best Seller and have ranked in the Top 5 Products for both grades K-2 and 3-5.


Each center includes 10 centers for ELA as well as for 10 centers for Math! With these centers, kids will learn about phonics, language, sentence diagraming, place value and more! On top of students learning, each month has a fun theme!

Available for kindergarten, first, second, third(not shown), and fourth grade(not shown), these centers will give you over 200 activities for each grade level!


These centers will do so much for you in terms of being an efficient teacher which makes them a great back to school resource to put into your shopping cart. They help you stay organized and healthy by lowering your work load making you have less stress. The centers also open the doors to have students create fun work which helps you keep up a Pinterest worthy classroom. Because you don’t have to do much to make these centers work, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy lunch and maybe a quick walk as well. 


Looking for Third or Fourth grade?  Check out the growing bundles that will be completed during this 2018-2019 school year?

Be sure to follow me on Facebook to catch the live event where I show you how I prepare and organize these centers for the year!  Prep them once and they will last from year to year!

Back to School: Good Morning Spiral Review

Mornings can be rough especially when you are starting the school year out and you’re working on establishing a routine. One back to school resource you can find in my store are year-long exercises for the morning.


You can get an amazing deal with a MEGA BUNDLE which covers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade for a very affordable price. There are 10 units in each grade level bundle, 40 weeks of Spiral Review, and easy prep/print and go weekly formatting. This is perfect for the classroom with a wide range of skill levels because it is so easy to differentiate with the spiral review. 




This helps keep you healthy by taking stress off of your mornings. This gives you the ability to start your day off smoothly which sets you and your students up for a successful day. You can use folders to organize the morning work (or aprons on the back of desks for cute storage) so students know exactly what they need to work on and where to get it. 




Back to School: Game Time

Sometimes the best way to reinforce what you are leaning in the classroom is having a little bit of fun. Research shows that when students are having fun learning, they retain the material better. There are so many Squares Your Brain games available to help reinforce big ideas in your classroom. From math to phonics I have you covered! The great part about these games is they can be single or multiple player games. This give students something to do when they get done working on a project early as well. 


Having Squares Your Brain games around helps you keep your students busy which helps maintain a positive, stress-free classroom for you and your students.  These games are also a great way for your students to bond with you creating positive relationships within your classroom. These fun, positive relationships make your school year incredibly manageable and hard to give up come next summer. 


Back to School: BUMP Up Your Learning 




Another game to help you have a successful school year are Bump games. Much like the Square Your Brain games, these comes in a variety of grade levels as well as subjects which allows you to pick and choose what you want and what you don’t.


Each Bump game comes with several different game boards to keep students engaged by moving them around to different boards. This also helps students learn how to work together and help each other learn the various skills you are working on. 



Being a healthy and efficient teacher is incredibly important. The first step to being your best self is to be prepared with back to school resources that keep your students engaged and learning.  Going back to school can be a little bittersweet but by looking into these products in my store may save you a few precious summertime hours. So, skip the store and go online to see what you can find to bump up your students scores and make consistent learning and student growth the center of your classroom. 

Until Next Time Happy Teaching!


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