5 Simple Self Care Tips for Teachers of Holiday Break

Hey educational rock stars! You’ve almost made it to your well-deserved holiday break! This year, like every year, has been tiring and I am sure a little bit (or a lot of bit) of rest is going to be complete bliss in just a few short days (or hours)! However, sometimes when we get on break, we get all caught up in the hustle and bustle of our personal lives or getting things ready for school. If this sounds like you, try one (or more) of these self care tips for teachers! 

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Read For You! 

As teachers, both primary and secondary, we spend hours upon hours reading books for our classrooms, literacy centers, or professional development. If reading is something you love to do, take away some stress from the world and enter into another one. I love reading, especially book series. When I read a book series, I get excited about knowing there’s another book with the same world and same characters I have grown to love waiting for me. By reading for yourself, you keep your passion for reading alive which will help you in the classroom as well. Therefore, while this is a self care teacher tip just for you, it will still benefit you in the classroom. Maybe this will be a little more incentive to pick up that book that’s been sitting on top of the pile for who knows how long waiting for you to have time. 


What is Your Passion? 

Not all of the self care tips for teachers can help you in the classroom. This one focus on Y-O-U. When I get asked “What's your passion?”, my typical response would be “teaching.” Yes, that is my passion; however, I am more than a teacher and so are you! It’s important to have identities outside of our careers. If you think about it, no other profession is expecting to give the textbook answer of whatever they do. No one is asking a lawyer, “What is your passion?” and expecting to hear, “Oh I love lawyering.” So, get in touch with something you are passionate about (volunteering, painting, drawing, reading, writing, exercising, etc.) and spend time doing it! I love doing little crafts for others. Over break, I have time to do that without having to worry about getting everything ready for school the next day. It’s like a personal date with Pinterest

Practice Self Care with a Loved One

While having some alone time might be your top priority because you’ve been surrounded by tiny humans (or not so tiny humans) for the last forever, it’s important to reconnect with friends and family and spend some quality time with them. This quality time can be paired great with your passion (if your passion isn’t alone time). For example, if you love finding little towns and exploring their stores, grab a friend and go for the day! It can be a nice little getaway; plus, you get to reconnect with your friends and family too. Right now, I am loving spending time with my brand new grandbaby. She’s the sweetest little girl and I get to be a part of those firsts that are so precious! Plus, I get to see my baby be a mom which is great for the heart and the ultimate self-care for me. 


Catching Some Z’s 

Of all the self care teacher tips, this one really is on the top of the list. You probably are lacking some serious sleep. I know when I was in the classroom, I would work all day, which is exhausting in and of itself, and then I would spend time after school or at home working. Now, while I don’t recommend this, I understand that it does happen. So, while you don’t have anything you need to do (because you did it all before you left for break!) you need to get some sleep! Take naps without an alarm if you can. Sleep in a little later than you normally would and don’t feel guilty about it! This is your time to recharge your batteries. If you don’t take this time, the start of the second half of the year is going to wear on you harder than the first one did. 


Just Say No

Finally, the hardest of all the self care teacher tips…just say no! If you are anything like me, saying no is something you’re just not good at. I feel like if I can help, I should help. However, this often comes with the sacrifice of my own self-care. Therefore, before you quickly say “yes’ to everything because you have “time” while you’re on break, think about the commitment and if you truly have time. Taking your holiday break to recharge your batteries and focus on yourself and your loved ones should be the top priorities and of all the self care teacher tips, it is the most important one! So, don’t over commit yourself to anything. Enjoying your holiday break depends on it! 

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We all give so much every day of every year so much that we forget to take care of ourselves. This is true during the school year and break which is why teacher stress is such a real thing! However, this can change this year by having everything at school ready for the day you get back and following these self care tips for teachers. You can also find more tips and tricks as well as some freebies for when you are back in class by joining my VIP Club! No matter what, making yourself a priority should be at the top of your to do list this holiday break! 

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