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4 Easy Things Teachers Need to do for a Relaxing Break

Winter break is right around the corner and you need to spend some stress free time with friends and family in order to recharge your teacher brain! But this becomes impossible if you  have things you “should have done” on your teacher to-do list still lingering!  So what can you do to make sure you actually have a relaxing break? By making sure you have these four simple things done before turning those lights off and leaving school for the holidays! 

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Get Ahead of the Game for a Relaxing Break!

If you are anything like almost every teacher in the world, when the clock strikes 3:30, you are ready to rush out that door! I get it entirely! However, before you walk out that door, you need to make sure you have at least the first week back planned. Why? Because if you don’t, you can say goodbye to that relaxing break of recharging your teacher batteries. Instead, say hello to planning, creating, and probably laminating too. It’s hard to really ever shut off the teacher brain. However, you can enjoy a stress free break by having one week (at least) planned. While teaching might still cross your mind, but nothing that needs to be done will be pressing on it. 


Be Organized! 

Whenever I am ready to rock my way out the door, the last thing I want to do is get everything organized. But, that is exactly what needs to happen. If you are using centers, make sure you put the old centers away and get the new ones out and ready to put into the rotation. Remember, it is so easy to organize your math and literacy centers with iris boxes. If you have everything already organized, this should be a simple step of reloading the old centers, putting them away, and pulling the new ones towards the front so you are ready to go. Planning on using the previous month’s centers to spiral back and review? Make sure your centers have all the materials necessary so you’re not spending your relaxing break at school or scrambling to get it done later. 


If you’re not someone who has checked out centers yet, you need to hop onto my VIP list to get tips and tricks on how to use centers in your classroom. You should also check out the yearlong bundles to get math and literacy centers for your classroom. They are a complete game changer and are great for differentiation and more! 

Clean Up for a Relaxing Break 

Ok, so picture this. You leave your classroom. Everything is done. Well, except those “few” papers left on your desk. Get those papers cleaned up! If you have the rest of the classroom organized to perfection, why would you leave your space a mess?

There is nothing worse than walking into any space whether that is your home or your classroom and seeing the mess you decided was your future self’s problem. I have done this so many times in my life, and it is the worst feeling. By cleaning your desk off and having it looking tidy when you come back into the classroom, you will feel more organized and ready to take on whatever the year brings you. I know when I leave clutter on my desk,  I feel the need to go through it. Then I question whether I fully covered or corrected something and the spiral of doubt begins! Do yourself a favor and put everything back in its place (or file it into the trash can) before you leave for the holidays and a relaxing break. 

Make Your Status: Do Not Disturb 

Be honest. Raise your hand if you have your emails go straight to your phone. I know I do and that is the number one way to make a relaxing break anything but! You need your time with your family and friends and you deserve it!


So, before you leave the classroom, make yourself unavailable to parents, students, and yes your principal too. If something is super important, the right person will get ahold of you no matter what.

How do you make sure everyone knows you’re not answering your emails? Simple, leave an “Out of Office” autoreply on your email saying when you will be looking at emails again. Then, you need take the app off your phone. You do not have to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take your relaxing break and truly make it that: relaxing. If you are constantly fielding emails and requests, you will only be partially present. Instead, give yourself the best gift and be fully aware of the holiday season with your loved ones. 

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With break around the corner, you probably feel like you have a million or a million and two things to do. Now, I don’t want to add to your list, but I do want you to enjoy a well-deserved relaxing break. If you take these four tips and make sure they are done before you walk out of that classroom door, you can turn your teacher brain off and slap it on the charger. It will be waiting for you when it’s time to go back to school. 

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