5 Inexpensive and Easy Gifts for Students

Do you love gift giving? The holidays are right around the corner, and while you don’t have to get your students presents, a little something can be nice to say that we care. For me, gift giving is my love language so this is always something that I liked to do. If you want to give your students a little something, here are easy gifts for students that won’t break the bank!  

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Give the Gift of Reading 

An easy gift for students is a book! This is my favorite gift to give my students because no matter what age students can’t read too much! So, how do you do this on the cheap? Like this. You can get with Scholastics books and get their “dollar deals.” If you are part of Scholastic books, each month you can buy a book for one dollar! Then, you get books throughout the school year that you can stash away for a gift. This makes the whole class gift cost less than 30 dollars (if you have less than 30 students). If you aren’t a part of Scholastic books, you can find books for an easy student gift on Amazon for a low cost! 


You can also reach out to your community and your family to sponsor your class. Then you can get students books as a gift because it still encourages learning! By getting others involved, you aren’t spending any of your own money which is amazing because we already spend so much on our classrooms. 

An Easy Gift Just For You 

Personalized gifts are some of the best gifts that you can get! If you are a parent or relative who has ever gotten a gift from a little kid with their picture in it, you know exactly what I mean. You can give easy gifts for your students by personalizing anything just for them. When I used personalized gifts, I often used my theme. Usually there was a word or idea that I would use throughout the school year, and I would put that on an ornament. Then they could take that ornament and put it on their tree to remember me by. 


To make this super cheap, I would check out the Dollar Tree craft section because they have upped their game. From holiday gifts and decor, you can a have Pinterest worthy classroom and a Pinterest worthy gift! You can also use a Cricut machine if you have access to one. If that’s not an option, you can use stencils to paint letters on a bulb. This was an easy and simple way to give students a memory of that year of school that didn’t break my bank account. 

An Easy Gift for the Whole Class: A Bag of Goodies

Sometimes it can be hard to get students individualized gifts. In these scenarios, sometimes it’s best to give the whole class a gift! I found getting a big wrapped box or a bag filled with wrapped items the whole class can enjoy is super effective. For example, if you wanted to get items your students could all use at indoor recess or outdoor recess, you can wrap enough individual items that each student has something to open. Then, students can use it for indoor recess. The nice thing about this gift is it keeps giving. These items can stay in your classroom year after year. Then, as you need to replace them, you can plan to do a similar gift again. 

Send Home Learning Fun

A super easy gift for students was to give the gift of the fun educational games you have in the classroom. For example, if you use BUMP games or Squares Your Brain in the classroom, you can create a take-home game for your students. All you need to do is print, laminate, and maybe cut a few things, put it in a cute box or a decorated folder. My students loved this because they got to take these games home and play them with their families. In addition, they got more practice doing the activities we often do in centers. 


Something Small and Simple 

What do all students love? Scented everything! Students love it when things are scented. From scented markers to scented stickers, it is something that students are going to enjoy having. If you want to make a little book with plan paper, some scented stickers, and scented markers, you will have incredibly happy students! You can find these scented markers easily on Amazon for super cheap which makes this an easy gift for students. 

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We do so much for our students, and we are not required to do more for students than we already do. However, giving easy student gifts out can be so fun, but you don’t have to break the bank! So, if your love language is gift giving, go ahead and head to your local Dollar Store or Amazon, and find something small to say “I care” to your students!

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