Summer Jobs for Teachers

As the weather warms up and school winds down, some teachers may be thinking it’s time for sun and fun while others are thinking about how they are going to rake in some “extra” cash this summer. While the “need’ for a summer job is a huge issue in and of itself, let’s focus on the task at hand: finding summer jobs for teachers.

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Summer jobs for teachers can be hard to come by because adding to your plate during the school year simply isn’t doable for many of us. So what are the best summer jobs for teachers to find in order to have a good balance of work and play?

The Facts

The fact that teachers aren’t paid well enough is no secret. Because teachers are often underpaid, as seen in the media, many teachers need a summer job. For some teachers, it’s not a necessity per se but it is something that helps you have a little more fun during the summer or supply your classroom for the following school year. 

One of the hardest parts of finding a summer job is finding one that is seasonal or flexible with hours throughout the year. 

A Brain Break: Non-Teaching Jobs

Sometimes taking a break from teaching is exactly what you need out of a summer job. If you’re looking for something where you can turn off your teaching brain, consider some of the options below. 

Seasonal Diners/ Ice Cream Shops

Many towns and cities have diners and ice cream shops that are only open in the summer or have more patrons and therefor need more help in the warmer months. These are great places to do work that is out of the realm of teaching but still out in the world. It can earn you a little extra cash or maybe more than a little depending on the hours you have available and the owner’s needs. 


If you are someone who enjoys writing, there are several ways for you to exercise your creative writing flow. You can see if your local newspaper needs freelance writers or writers in general. While you can do more traveling in the summer but not during the school year, you can still write when you are in school and it’s a good way to take a brain break throughout the year as well. Most newspapers are in need of good writers because writing is a dying art. Another way to start writing is to become a Virtual Assistant for someone. You can become a ghost writer and write blogs, sales pitches, etc. With virtual assisting you can set your own hours and stay as busy as you would like. 


A great way to make some extra cash if you have some crafting skills is turn that hobby into a business. You can sell crafts you made on Etsy, at flea markets, and online. If you enjoy doing something like making jewelry or up-cycling things, making a little cash on the side can be really sweet! 


Pools are always seasonal it seems and while you may not want to be a lifeguard (or maybe you do) there are always jobs at the front desk and other areas that are in need. In addition, you get to be outside and catch some serious rays! 

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Brain Beef-Up: Educational Jobs

If you’re looking for a summer job that keeps your teacher brain sharp, there are a few options you can choose from. 

VIP Kids

One option is VIP Kids. This is a great option for a summer job if you want to do a different style of teaching and set your own hours all while teaching kids in China how to speak English. When you sign up and interview for VIP Kids you get to choose your hours and you can earn up to 22 dollars an hour. 

Gogo Kid

A similar option to VIP Kids is GoGokid. This teaching job boasts that it offers great pay, 14 to 25 dollars an hour, a flexible schedule, and they “provide your lesson plans and help you prepare your classes.” Must like VIP Kids, you would be teaching students how to speak English online. 

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Another way to stay connected to your teaching roots is through personal tutoring.  You can either do this on your own by offering your services to individual students or through a group like Sylvan Learning Center. Tutoring can be a way to learn new teaching strategies while helping a student (yours or someone else’s) better their skills in your subject area. 

While working in the summer might be something you need to do, make sure you choose a job with flexible hours that allows you to recharge your batteries before getting back to work in August. It’s important to switch gears, even if you are still doing some level of teaching, and get recharged for the year ahead. In the meantime, if you’re looking for the best summer jobs use the guide above to help find a balance between work and play. 

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