6 Tips to Help Remember Student Logins

Are you tired of trying to remember all your student logins? At one point or another, we have all been sitting on our computer staring at a little message saying “the username or password you entered is incorrect.” With fear in our fingertips, we carefully make each keystroke count knowing one false move and it could be our last (well until we talk to the site administrators).

Because this can be a problem for adults, it can also be a big issue for students (and a big headache for you). It’s important for teachers to help students remember their student login information, and it’s important for them to be able to access it when they just plain forget. Below are six fun ways to make logins stick in your classroom.


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Student Logins Hack #1: You’re a poet and you know it!

The number one priority when it comes to logins is simply helping your students remember it without having to look. A fun way to help students remember their logins would be to have them write a poem. Using an acrostic poem, have students write about technology or something that they love. Here’s an example of what the poem might look like.

Just because I look like a toy it
Doesn’t mean I should be treated as such.
6 trillion ideas floating in my head
0 results found? Not on my watch.

Not only will this acrostic poem give them something to memorize, it can be an easy access for students to pull out their folders. To anyone else it would seem inconspicuous, but they know exactly what it means.

Student Logins Hack #2: Slide Chart

Another way to “save” students’ logins is by creating a secret chart using popsicle sticks and a piece of cloth or a piece of paper. To begin, write a student’s name on one side of the stick and their login information on the other side. After, grab a piece of paper or a piece of cloth and cut small vertical lines in it that is large enough for the popsicle stick to slide into but not so large the popsicle stick will just fall through. Then, with the login information facing the wall, slide it into the small slot in the paper or cloth that you created. When students need the information, they can go get it. This is also a great time for students learn to respect other’s property.

Student Logins Hack #3: Loop, swoop, and click

If your students have multiple logins to remember, you can make a “login loop” for each of your students. This is essentially square pieces of paper that you hole punch in the corner. Then you put a metal loop that is easy to open and close through the hole. Close the metal fastener up and there you have it. Students can hook these to their bags or they can put them in their desks. The only drawback is you may lose some anonymity but it will end the age old question, “Teacher, what’s my password?”

Student Logins Hack #4: Wash, rinse…REPEAT!

Another way to help students remember their password is to have them use it often. Every once in a while, have students write down their login on a scrap piece of paper. This way, they have to use it repetitively. You can also use repetition by having your students use their usernames in the “Name” section on your worksheets. These are simple ways to use the tried and true method of “practice makes perfect.”

Student Logins Hack #5: Can I use a lifeline?

If your students struggle to remember their password, have them write down a “hint” question on a notecard. You can store these notecards in your desk or have it available for students in the classroom. When they forget their password, they can go and look at the hint they wrote and hopefully that will help them remember.

Student Logins Hack #6: Stick it!

Finally, if anonymity isn’t an issue in your school, you can simply “stick it.” Using a label maker or address labels that are printer friendly, create a sticker for all of your students. You can put this on their name sticker on their desk and it will always be readily available to them.

Remembering your login information can be really tricky as an adult which is why remembering 20 or more on top of that is just impossible. Try using one of the fun and creative ways listed above to make your classroom computer experience that much better. This not only saves you a lot of time, it can also make your classroom more organized and efficient!


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Do you have a helpful way to have your students remember their logins?  Share your methods below to help you fellow teachers!

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