Holiday Teacher Gifts – 2020 Guide

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Can you hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling-jing-ting-ting-a-ling too? You know it’s lovely weather to try to find a gift for you! If you are like most people, Christmas is a chaotic time of year, and it can be difficult to figure just want to get everyone especially your child’s teacher. While holiday teacher gifts are never required, if you feel like you want to give your child’s teacher a Christmas present, what is an appropriate, meaningful gift to give? In this post, I want to share some holiday teacher gifts that are sure to put a smile on your child’s teacher’s face.

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#25 A Basket Full of Sunshine:

As the holiday season comes to town, the flu bug often does too. The most wonderful time of the year can quickly become the sickest time of the year as well. Bring your teacher a “Basket Full of Sunshine” which can include some Clorox Wipes, Kleenex, Emergen C, Airborne, and hand sanitizer all in yellow containers. This not only helps keep the classroom clean, it helps keep it germ free too. Put all of these little things in a trendy basket or bucket and you have given the teacher something to store supplies in as well! These holiday teacher gifts are sure to be a hit!

# 24 Just the Essentials:

It’s no secret that teachers need a lot of little pieces of office supplies to keep things organized and these little things often get lost. So, why not make a little “tackle box” of supplies for your teacher. You can get a bead or any other craft organizer and put items in there like paper clips, extra staples, rubber bands, tacks, some band aids, and more! A couple pieces of emergency candy and some Germ X and your teacher will be tickled pink to have an easy to access container that neatly holds all of their essentials. 

#23 Stick to Organization:

One of the bigger parts of teaching that is hard to master is keeping organized as the year goes on. I know having papers all over my desk overwhelms me as well as having many folders or stacks to go through. A great way to help the anxiety ridden teacher is to get him/her magnetic organizers that will stick to the side of filing cabinets and more. Make sure to take a peek around your teacher’s room and check out whether they have a theme going on. If you don’t get an organizer that matches the theme, no worries it’s the thought that always counts. 

#22 Craft Time Promoter:  

Sometimes teachers go out and spend a good amount of money to do crafts and other fun activities in the classroom. One of the best ways to help a teacher out is to send in a box of goods: art goods. You would be amazing how many pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, and more that teachers buy to make sure your student has the chance to do fun crafts in the classroom. By buying a box of school supplies, you are helping not only the students but the teachers too in terms of time and money. 

#21 Laminating Love:

One part of teaching that can be frustrating is the fight for the laminator! On Amazon, you can buy a personal laminator for 20 dollars and laminating sheets for only 12. These holiday teacher gifts would keep on giving and giving all year long. It’s also a gift you could talk to another parent or a few parents about and chip in! This helps reduce the cost for you and the teacher will be ecstatic regardless if one or 30 students gave him/her a laminator. 

#20 Stick It for Smiles:

There are times when teachers just need a smile at their desk. A great way to accomplish this is by giving your teacher a fun tape dispenser. If you know the teacher well, you can try to tailor the gift to his/her interests. For example, if you know the teacher loves a certain sports team, see if you can the logo on the tape dispenser or any other office supplies for that matter! 

#19 Color Therapy:

Teachers need a little wind down time here and there and one of the best ways to wind down is with a fun coloring book that requires maybe a little more concentration than your typical color by number.  If you’re teacher is someone who likes a good laugh, there is a coloring book on Amazon called the “Snarky Teacher Coloring Book.” There are also several other fun coloring books out there for a variety of likes! This is a great gift to help reduce teacher stress! 

#18 Sit Back and Relax:

Throughout the course of the day, I may only sit down once or twice and usually it’s not enough to make a difference. Having a back massager for your office chair could make the minutes you get to sit there a miniature massage. Having this little massage in the middle of the day is great and sometimes just what the doctor ordered. These are also great holiday teacher gifts the whole class can go in on or a few students. 

#17 We’re Filing You Under Awesome:

If there is one thing I can always use at school whether it’s for me or someone else is a nail file or a little manicure set with a file and nail clipper. Often when I am working and I break a nail or something chips and I need to locate a file or clipper ASAP. When this happens, it would be perfect to have a little set in your desk drawer ready to go for such an occasion. This is a great idea with fun puns to go with it! 

#16 Say my name, say my name:

Teachers are always running, running, running to get to this or that; whether it’s for school or home, teachers are typically on the go. A great way to make a teacher smile is to gift him/her with a fun planner or even a notebook. Add the teacher’s name and maybe a little quote, and the gift becomes one of a kind and something the teacher will cherish and use! 

# 15 Jar Head:

I don’t know about EVERY teacher out there but I am personally obsessed with cute organizing containers. Find a cool mason jar or any other type of glass jar and put a fun vinyl emblem on it. This way it says that teacher’s name and it can’t get lost in the shuffle at the end of the year or simply disappear (you would be amazed how many items walk out of classrooms). Personalized jars are great for holding pencils, pens, candy and more. If you want, you can throw something in the jar as part of the gift as well. 

#14 A teacher’s right (or left) hand man:

The pen is mightier than a sword when it comes to gift giving (although a sword would be pretty sweet too!). Every teacher has “the pen” or at least a certain brand of pens that are just the best. It’s the pen that glides across the page with ease leaving not a smudge in its wake. Take moment to visit your child’s teacher and check out the pen he/she is using. If you don’t have time to stop in for a chat, get the type of pen you to use; teachers are always up for trying something new. 

#13 Old Faithful:

If finding a physical item for your child’s teacher just isn’t in the cards this year, gift cards are a great standby.  A gift card says a lot to a teacher. It says thank you for teaching my child; it says I realize you leave the school; it says I understand you need to indulge. Starbucks, Caribou, ice cream anywhere are always great options! Gift cards, while they may seem impersonal, are great holiday teacher gifts that any teacher would appreciate! 

#12 Truly Scrumptious:

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make people happy. A lunchbox is small, usable gift that is great for teachers. A new lunch box can help kick off New Year’s Resolution goals to not eat in the cafeteria or to eat better in general. If you wanted, you could also throw in some reusable utensils or some healthy snacks like granola bars or a bag of almonds. 

#11 Stay Hydrated:

Going along with the lunchbox idea you can also get a teacher a new tumbler. I don’t think there is a teacher out there who doesn’t have a cup or a tumbler or a something to hold water or coffee throughout the day. Teaching is taxing on the throat so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. A great way to do this is to have a brand new tumbler. To add a special touch, you can put an anagram on there or a fun quote to personalize it. 

#10 Carry Me:

Teachers tend to bring home a little bit of work (or a lot of bit of work) almost every single night. As all things do, our bags get worn, dirty, and dingy looking. That’s why a new canvas bag is a great gift for a teacher. You can make it personalized or just a cute bag that you think the teacher would like. Regardless of the design, a bag is something anyone can use! 

#9 Reboot and Refuel:

While the teacher’s lounge has coffee, the quality is not always there. Help your teachers refuel by getting them coffee for Christmas! These holiday teacher gifts will put a smile on his/her face and help keep them going throughout the day. 

#8 Inspire:

A unique way to help a teacher work through what can be a long day is through some inspiring quote art. This can be done by typing up a quote and making it look nice and putting it in a frame the teacher can put on his/her desk. You can also find these products in stores already made for you. 

#7 A picture says a thousand words:

Teachers see many students throughout their time in the education profession. A great way to have your son or daughter’s class remembered is by framing a class picture for the teacher. You can have some white space around it and have all the students sign it for an extra touch of “aw”. 

#6 Emergency Loot:  

There are many days where the teacher in your life may skip lunch or need a little bit of sugar to get through the day. While this may seem simple, helping stock up a teacher’s desk with candy is a great gift! I know there are times when all I need is a little pick me up and having desk candy is a great way to get that little extra boost. 

#5 Caution Adult Content:

Wine not just say it…teachers drink alcohol too. An inexpensive but good bottle of wine is always a welcome gift! If you’re feeling humorous, you can also print off a label that says, “We know our child is one of the reasons you drink, so here’s a bottle on us.” We all know it’s a joke because it’s common knowledge that teachers love what they do on good and bad days. 

# 4 Homemade is Heart-made:

A fun project for you and your child to do is a crayon (or any other supplies you can think of) wreath. You can find several ways to make this wreath on Pinterest and it will look great hanging on any teacher’s door! If making a wreath isn’t your thing, try another great craft

#3 It’s the THOUGHT that Counts:

A great gift that may take a little work but the reward is great is to have students write the teacher a nice note. Then you can roll them up and put them in a fun container like a mason jar or anything else with a lid. When the teacher needs a pick-me-up, she can unroll a note and smile. 

#2 Always Remember:

Another great gift that teachers will love is a scrapbook that they can add to throughout the year. If possible, you can add pictures and captions of fun things your child has done in school before Christmas and write a letter encouraging the teacher to keep filling the pages with fun memories. 

#1 Oh the places you’ll go:

This may seem like an end of the year activity, but sometimes right around Christmas time teachers need a little reminder as to why they do what they do. Buy the book Oh the Places You’ll Go and have all of the students write down what they want to be when they grow up. You should have students also write the teacher a thank you note for helping them achieve their goals. Add your own note that encourages the teacher to have each class do this on every page of the book.

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Teachers are a big part of your child’s life. Use this guide to help your child show them a little holiday cheer this season. While this time of year can be stressful, try to take some time to let the joy of the season keep you happy and stress free amidst the hustle and bustle. 

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