5 Ways to Implement Technology in Math Centers

Technology rules the world of education especially now! We have never been more reliant on tech because it’s cleaner, it’s accessible, and it helps us bring education into the home. So, why aren’t we using more technology in our math centers? While technology is awesome, it has its drawbacks too. For one, it can be hard to do ALL the things you normally do in your classroom like math centers. That’s about to change! There are so many ways you can implement technology in math centers that will bring those centers from the classroom to the computer.

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1: Bring Technology to Math Centers by Utilizing Google Classroom!

There are so many educational platforms out there that can help bring technology to math centers. So, why re-invent a wheel? Using already ready platforms, like Google Classroom, is a great way to bring technology into your math centers. You can use Google Docs for story problems. With the story problems, your students can type out their information and you can see their thought process live!

You can also use Google Forms to test your students’ math vocabulary know now how. You can get creative with your Google Forms and differentiate sending students to a different section based on the answer they selected. The nice thing about Google Forms is it is easy to see the questions students missed. Plus, it’s easy to grade at the end of the day as long as you remember to import the grades. Finally, you can use Google Sheets to teach students how to use technology to make math work for you. Using Google Sheets or Google Docs can also be a great way to create an interactive notebook for your students!

2: Get Creative with Math Centers (Reading and Color by Code)  

You can also add a little art to your math centers by using color by code drawings that you scan into platforms that allow students to color. While these color by code resources are printables, you can easily transform them into virtual resources by creating a table. This low prep center activity will help your students gain some sweet math skills while creating a beautiful picture. If you want to combine centers together, you can have your students take their pictures into a literacy center activity and tell a story about it!


3: Grab Ready to Go Digital Centers for Easy Technology in Math Centers

We all have so much on our plates already. So if it’s already there and it’s not broken, why fix it? Instead of burning the midnight oil, you can find digital centers for your math centers that automatically integrate technology. Whether you’re teaching kindergarten math or upper elementary math, you can find great resources that take away a huge chunk of time. Digital centers allow your students to keep getting the benefits of centers while at home or in the classroom. Plus, because they are digital, they are easy to keep clean which helps keeps kids safe. In addition, digital centers can save progress and are easy to monitor for you. This not only helps students work at a self-created pace, but it also helps you see where the gaps are in student learning.


4: Record It! Post It!

Finally, if you want to see what your students can do, you can always have students record with pictures or video and post to your online classroom. When you have students record for a center activity, you can use FlipGrid or other apps to have the students talk through a problem. Then you can have your students respond to others FlipGrids. By using technology in this way, you are opening the doors to collaboration and creating a learning experience for your students that will help with learning how to deal with struggle as well as speaking in front of their peers.


5: Pass the Deck with Boom Cards

Using technology in math centers gets much easier when you use resources that are already digital. Remember, technology is supposed to make our lives easier not harder, so make sure you put it to work! You can use Boom Cards as an easy digital match center activity for your students. Not only are Boom Cards fun, they can be used as a game in your centers which is always way more fun for students. If you don’t have any Boom Decks made, don’t reinvent the wheel! You can find already made Boom Decks that are perfect for your classroom! The great thing about Boom Decks is you can combine literacy and math together and give them a problem to solve with the words or phonics sounds.


Math is great when you get to have manipulatives. However, if COVID protocol has you working in a way that forces you to be apart or you just want some low prep low grading activities then bringing technology in your math centers is the way to go! Technology in math centers creates more choices for your students, helps with differentiation, and lessens the mess in your classroom. By adding technology to your math centers you're helping your self while you’re helping your students. If you want to know more about centers, make sure you check out the Master Class Learning Centers Made Easy coming soon to a computer near you!  

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