5 Simple Tech Tools for Teachers to Take into 2021

Let’s face it, last school year was a dumpster fire, a train wreck, a hot mess! However, with every dumpster fire there is a silver lining. There were so many tech tools for teachers discovered and created! We learned how to use technology and new technology was developed! I know this probably didn’t feel like a “gift” to all teachers last year, but now that we know how to use tech tools, we can use them to make our in-classroom experiences better and make our lives easier! Here are six tech tools for teachers that can make a world of difference! 

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Stay Engaged with Floop

What is Floop? Floop is a program that you can use where you can collect images, pdfs, and Google Docs from your students. You can take all of these documents and make comments on them quickly! What? You can make an easy and fast comment on a pdf or a picture? Yes. You. Can. But that’s not the best part! The best part is your students quickly respond back to you or utilize your comments to make their work better using a very simple drop box. 


This takes away some of the leg work you used to have to do when giving your students feedback! This tech tool for teachers saves you time, allows you to give fantastic feedback, and get feedback fast super fast. Now, this is not necessarily great for K-2 but it is great for your upper elementary like third and fourth graders. With this tech tool for teachers and students, your students get feedback while it is still relevant to them. 

Create Engaging Activities with this Tech Tool for Teachers 

You want to create engaging activities for your students. Who doesn’t? But you don’t want to do all the extra work of creating more, printing more, laminating more etc. That makes perfect sense. If this is you, PearDeck might be your answer. PearDeck works with Google Slides and is fantastic especially if you have a classroom set of devices. 


With PearDeck, you can do realtime lessons with a SlideDeck on your computer. Students can respond in real time, so it’s just like being in your own personal class at your desk. But it doesn’t stop there! You can use this tech tool for teachers to give students an assignment from GoogleSlides while you can watch every single student on your device to see what they are doing. This helps you see what students are doing and if they need help which is great for differentiation. If you don’t have activities on GoogleSlides but you have our Math and ELA Digital Centers, for your grade level (kindergarten through fifth grade), there are GoogleSlides included! Talk about using two great tech tools for teachers to make your life easier! 

Show Your Work with a Hue Document Camera

Who here has ever used a document camera? If you haven’t, you need to check them out! A document camera allows you to slide a piece of paper underneath it (or literally anything like a plant for a science project) and it projects. You can write on the paper and students can see that too. It’s like the new and improved overhead projector with the transparencies! I personally loved my Hue Document Camera that I passed down when I left teaching. It was super easy to use and it was incredibly affordable. Not only did this tech tool for teachers make my life easier in general, it made centers fun too! If you’re working with a group of first graders during your center time but need to project something for the rest of the students like your expectations, you can do that while you still have access to your computer.  


Taking Advantage of the Ultimate Teacher Tech Tool 

Google Classroom has been around for a very long time and I know this. However, if you’re not using Google Classroom you need to check it out! I never taught in Google school but I used Google Classroom because it was so simple especially when students didn’t all have their own devices. When using this teacher tech tool, I used less paper, spent less time on the little things, and ended up getting more done! Because Google Classroom is powered by Google, students just need a login and you get simple click and assign activities. In this way, it is also great for students who are absent because they can get work done. In addition, see what students have completed and there are self-grading features that will make your life so much easier! Plus, it is very student friendly, so whether you teach first, second, or fifth grade, it is accessible to students and parents which is great for parent involvement. 

One of the best parts of Google Classroom is you can easily assign the digital math and ELA centers! Using digital math and ELA centers is great for organizing your classroom and using Google Classroom helps with that! You can click here for a free resource on organizing your centers. 

Utilizing SeeSaw for an Easy Tech Tool for Teachers

Another great tech tool for teachers that is very similar to Google Classroom is SeeSaw. I never got to use SeeSaw in my classroom; however, I have learned how great it is over the years through observation and working with the program with our products. SeeSaw is not just easy to use for older students either, it’s fantastic for those kindergarten through second graders who might need a little easier platform. If you have our digital centers for your grade, the centers are already uploaded to SeeSaw for you which makes this tech tool for teachers even easier. This makes your planning time way less and it allows you to assign homework from anywhere. 

BOOM Make it Happen! 

If you have not used Boom Decks in your classroom, you don’t know what you’re missing! All teachers have used task cards in the classroom before Boom Decks take task cards to a whole different level! Because they are digital, they are way less work to create, and you can find them in my store if you don’t want to create them yourself. If you love using centers, our Volume 2 centers INCLUDE Boom Cards in them! 


Beyond being easier to create, they are easier to grade because they are self-grading, give students instant feedback, and force them to work towards the right answer because it won’t let them move on until they get it right! With Boom Cards you can find which card and which question your students got wrong because the platform breaks it down that well! There are so many different ways you can use Boom Cards in your classroom and unlimited ways to create them. 


Last year was a crazy year where many teachers were forced to use tech tools for teachers which is a good thing. Our world is technology based and it’s getting more and more that way all the time. If you’re new to technology or just need to update the technology you use, check out these different tech tools for your classroom and see your time free up! 

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