3 Phonics Games for Beginners Create Better Reading Mastery

If you think games are no good for the classroom, then I am here to change your mind. While the word “games” has gotten a bad reputation, games can actually be incredibly engaging for students. Plus, they are great for teachers too! Whether you are teaching math or phonics, you can use games in the classroom to enrich and review your students’ content knowledge. Now, I know there are so many educational games out there. Here are my three favorite phonics games for beginners. 


Why Games? 

Games are great for student engagement. Whenever there is something out of the “norm,” students are ready to do it! Using phonics games in the classroom can be great for fast finishers, morning motivators, centers, or a fun activity to do. 

What are Phonic Skills? 

Phonics skills are great for more than just reading class and kindergarten students. Most of the time when students are struggling with a subject, you can bring it all back to phonics. This includes letter recognition, knowing sight words, or even understanding how word parts blend together to make a particular sound. When I think of teaching my students phonics, I think about rules we might be taking for granted. For example, the magic “e.” When I put an “e” at the end of the word, it magically changes the sound. If your students don’t remember this rule, phonics games for beginners can be helpful even if your students aren’t beginners. 

Who Can Use These Phonics Games for Beginners? 

While you might be thinking this is only for kindergarten and first grade students, phonics can be used in any class and with any age group. If students are at all struggling with reading, it’s important to bring it back to phonics. You can also use phonics games for beginners with ELL students who are still learning sounds they never knew existed. 

Super Speed Phonics for Beginning Readers

Last week I told you about math games and there was a game just like Super Speed Phonics but with math. Super Speed Phonics focuses more on letter recognition as well as knowing the sound or sounds each letter makes. Now I know you might be thinking this is just for students who are younger. However, you will always have struggling students and you may have an ELL student in your classroom. 


To play Super Speed Letters and Phonics, all you need is this free download from Whole Brain Teaching, a timer, and students! When you play, you have one student timing and another student saying what is on the cards. The goal is to get as many as they can done accurately before the time runs out. This is a wonderful fast finisher phonics game for beginners as well as a morning motivator. 

Squares Your Phonics Brain 

Another game  that is super fun to play that students love is Phonics Squares Your Brain. Squares Your Brain is incredibly engaging and easy to teach and it comes with 26 different boards! Plus, it is great for individuals or as a group activity. With this game, you can use it in both math and literacy centers, as a fast finisher, or a morning motivator. 


When you get your Squares Your Brain game, all of the pieces are there for you. Students put the cards in the correct order, 1-12 on the card, then pick up each piece and find the corresponding answer on the outside and place the appropriate number there. Then, when students are finished, they just need to flip over the card and it is self checking! How awesome is that? Not only does this phonics game for beginners help your students become better at phonics, it also saves you time grading work. How can you beat a deal like that? 

Slap Stack Phonics Game for Beginners 

This is a brand new game called “Slap Stack” which is incredibly similar to the game “Slap Jack.” The object of the game is to “slap” the “Jack” the fastest and collect all of the cards. Because the game keeps going, it can take awhile for the game to get done which is totally fine! However, we need a learning element right? You can use this game with phonics by adding sight words or letters to your “Stack”. When students play, they have to say the word and then slap the card.


This game, like many of the others, is great for centers, fast finishers, or morning motivators. In addition, they only need to be taught how to play this one time. I know you might think playing the same game will be boring for them, but that’s just not the case. You just have to make sure the game is engaging, like this one. You can find out how great this game is with this CVC freebie version of Slap Stack. 


There are so many games out there; however, these are my favorite ones because they are versatile, fun, and engaging. Games, while they may seem like a non-learning activity, are some of the best ways to get students to learn and stay engaged. From reviewing materials in centers to keeping brains turning as a fast finisher, these phonics games for beginners will be sure to help your students reach their phonics goals. 

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