3 Free and Unforgettable Virtual Field Trips for Students

Everyone loves a good field trip except possibly the person who has to plan it! Field trips can become a logistical nightmare in a hurry! What if I told you there was another way you and your students could visit incredible places and have amazing experiences in person? Virtual field trips for students can take your potentially nightmarish field trip to a whole new level! 

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What is a Virtual Field Trip? 

A virtual field trip for students can take students to so many far away places! If you close your eyes, can you picture yourself in the International Space Station? How about at the Lincoln Memorial? The Washington Monument? While funding for these could take years or a massive amount of work on your end, virtual field trips for students can take students all around the United States for free! Where can you find these virtual field trip treasures? I am so glad you asked! Here are three of my favorite resources! 

Visit the Hidden World of National Parks

Sometimes it can be hard to work science into our busy curriculum schedules. However, you can bring science into your classroom with a virtual field trip for students to the Hidden World of National Parks. Whether you are studying rocks, land forms, volcanoes, caverns, canyons, or anything else this virtual field trip is for you! On top of that, you can pair any of these field trips with a lesson from the Hidden World of National Parks resource library. Here, you can find lesson plans, experiments, and more to help blend science into your classroom.


Take Virtual Field Trips for Students to the Hall of North American Mammals 

If you are studying mammals or the North American continent, this is a trip you have to hop on board and take! This virtual field trip for students to the Hall of North American Mammals starts with a tour and (get this!) an investigation exercise for your students.


With the help of Google Arts and Culture, students will take a tour of the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals. They get to find not one, not two, but three habitat dioramas: the black tailed and antelope jackrabbit, North American beaver, and Dall sheep. Then the students get to get closer to one of the animals. Along with this great tour, there are other resources like worksheets, writing activities, and coloring pages. 

Fly with the Butterfly Conservatory 

This great virtual field trip for students is sponsored by the American Natural History Museum and will open your students’ eyes to the world of butterflies! Not only will students get to see a variety of different types of butterflies, but students will be able to observe butterflies. While your students observe the butterflies, they will get to compare their patterns. With all of this observing, you know the American Natural History Museum gave you worksheets and other resources you can download and use for supplemental activities. 


What Comes After Virtual Field Trips for Students? 

Once your virtual field trip doesn’t have to stop there! You can redecorate your room to match what you just learned, create a review game on Kahoot for your students, or have your students present their research. You can always incorporate this learning into your math and literacy centers. Have students do a color by code that matches what they just learned. You can also have students do a close reading about a place they recently saw.

No matter how you choose to continue learning, your students will be far more “in it” because of that amazing trip you took them on! The best part? It didn’t cost anything but time! 

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Field trips can be a great time, but it can be a logistical nightmare! Instead of doing all the leg work multiple times a year, check out these great virtual field trips for students! By exploring the world virtually, students will get a better understanding of what you’re studying and the world around them! Remember, these virtual field trips are great for whole class instruction and small group centers! Have some fun and catch a flight 

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