Phonics Task Card Box Activities for Every Season

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Over 2,000 Phonics Task Card Box activities in 4 seasonal themes are ready to go and at your fingertips so you can differentiate practice for all students! These hands-on, fun, and engaging task cards are the perfect way to help students focus on those targeted phonics skills.

These task cards are created in 4 seasonal themes so you can use them for the entire year. This allows you to pull the games that your students need to work on skills regardless of the time of year.

Phonics Skills are included?

  • Alphabetic Principle* (78 Cards)
  • Letter Formation (26 Cards)
  • Syllables (60 Cards)
  • Beginning Sounds (80 Cards)
  • Ending Sounds (32 Cards)
  • Medial Sounds (96 Cards)
  • CVC Words (364 Cards)
  • Digraphs (356 Cards)
  • CVCe Words (132 Cards)
  • Vowel Teams (220 Cards)
  • Diphthongs (232 Cards)
  • R-Controlled Vowels (144 Cards)
  • Blends (312 Cards)

*Numbers above represent only one theme. Each set has been created in all four seasonal themes. There are a total of 2,121 task cards in each seasonal theme.

What Activities are included?

  • Matching – Students will match a card with an answer card.
  • Sorting – Students will sort cards onto mats.
  • Write on/Wipe Off – Students will complete the task on the cards that have been laminated with a dry-erase marker.
  • Say It, Tap It – Students will say the name of the picture then tap the sounds they hear. Provide dough or pop-its as a manipulative for tactile learners.
  • Say It, Tap It, Map It – Students will say the picture, tap the sounds, and then map the sounds they hear in the boxes provided.
  • Say It, Tap It, Map It, Write It – Students will say the picture, tap the sounds, map the sounds they hear in the boxes provided, and then write the word on the provided line.
  • Say It, Blend It, Match It – Students will say the picture, blend the sounds to read the word, then draw a line to match the word to the pictures.
  • Blend It, Box It – Students will blend to read the words. Then students will write the words below the picture they match.
  • Exit Sheets – Each activity has an exit sheet for students to practice skills such as mapping and blending sounds.


Q. Are these included in your current math and literacy center bundles?

A. No! These task cards are 100% BRAND NEW and only phonics skills. However, they still adhere to our Easy Centers Framework with familiar games to promote students working independently.

Q. Can these task cards be used with any phonics curriculum?

A. Of course! These cards work with any phonics program you are using because they focus on the phonics skill.

How to Use These Task Cards?

  • centers
  • early finishers
  • supplemental resource
  • small group instruction
  • whole group phonics instruction
  • home learning
  • extra practice

What extra materials will I need?

  • dry erase markers
  • pencils
  • dough (optional)
  • pop-its (optional)
  • letter tiles/magnetic letters (optional)

What is the prep time for these task cards?

We have worked hard to make these easy to prep. Just print and laminate the pages. Cut along the dotted lines. Place the task cards into photo boxes or in your container of choice. Each activity comes with a cover label and student direction card to be placed inside the box lid.


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What ages or grades does this cover?

Our Phonics for All™ resources are designed to be used in kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms. However, the skills are alphabetic and phonics skills that can be used in all classrooms and homeschool with learners who are ready to begin learning the alphabet and basic phonics skills or working on phonics skill deficits.

Does this align with the Science of Reading?

All of our teacher creators are trained in the science of reading strategies and have taken those strategies and principles and paired them with their over 30 years of combined experience to develop this curriculum. These activities focus on phonics skills and strategies that are best practice for students learning to read.

What is the best way to print my curriculum components?

We recommend printing the cards on card stock and laminating for durability. You can print on regular copy paper and laminate but we find that they last longer with students constant use if they are printed on card stock.

Can I use these activities in my online classrooms as teaching material? (Outschool, Online ESL)

YES! We love online teachers and we authorize our resources to be used BY THE TEACHER during lessons. We don't allow them to be sent to parents to be used outside the online classroom.


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