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Don't let your students struggle with phonics any longer. Get your copy of the Phonics for All™: Phonics Intervention Bundle today and give your students the support they need to succeed with these engaging phonics intervention games.

It is also crucial for ELLs that they see REAL IMAGES with the vocabulary they are learning. That is why this bundle will be using REAL LIFE IMAGES for vocabulary, games, and activities. No more confusing clipart for your ELLs.

This bundle will consist of 14 Units of phonics intervention games and activities for use in small groups, RTI, push-in support, and more!  This bundle will be aligned with CCSS and TEKS Standards! The Standards are listed at the beginning of each bundle for your convenience.

Units in this Phonics Intervention Games Bundle:

  • Unit 1: Short Vowels
  • Unit 2: Long Vowels
  • Unit 3: Consonant Digraphs
  • Unit 4: Diphthongs
  • Unit 5: Double /oo/
  • Unit 6: Bossy R
  • Unit 7: Double Consonant Endings
  • Unit 8: Hard and Soft C and G
  • Unit 9: Trigraphs
  • Unit 10: Final Stable Syllables
  • Unit 11: L-Blends
  • Unit 12: R-Blends
  • Unit 13: Final Blends
  • Unit 14: Synonyms and Antonyms


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this aligned with the Science of Reading?

The science of reading is not a curriculum or list of standards that can be aligned with. However, do follow some of the best practice and the guidelines of popular phonics-based reading programs that follow the science of reading.

Does this follow a certain curriculum?

No. This is phonics. Letters and their sounds are same regardless of the curriculum you currently teach.

Can these activities be used in a digital or virtual classroom?

These resources are printable PDFs. To use the PDF (printable) components in a digital or virtual classroom, you will need to project them on the screen or upload them to the platform you wish to use and add the necessary elements or tools. They are not a digital platform product.

Can I use these activities in my online classrooms as teaching material? (Outschool, Online ESL) 

YES! We love online teachers and authorize our resources to be used BY THE TEACHER during lessons. We don’t allow them to be sent to parents to be used outside the online classroom.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Erin L.

My RTI students love playing the games from this resource!

Shaun M.

This is a great resource. I used this everyday during my intervention time. It has a lot of resources to use.

Karen N.

Holy cow! This resource is packed full of activities for me to use in my small groups and I was even able to give them to my para to use with my kiddos that need extra support! I can't wait to get the rest of the kits made and have them all organized and easy to pull when I need them! Thank you for such an amazing resource at a great price!

Lacey T.

Loved using this with my students who were needing just a little extra practice. There are so many activities I never ran out! Thanks so much!

Toby M.

I grabbed this to use in my small groups because I have a class full of ELLs who are learning English this year. The real images were a game changer as so many of my students get very confused by clipart and cartoon images. Thanks for creating this! Highly recommend!


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