Fall Differentiated Reading Comprehension

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Fall Differentiated Reading Comprehension helps your students dig deep into the text for comprehension and close reading practice with differentiated, engaging, and standards-based non-fiction passages.

Fall Differentiated Reading Comprehension comes with ten unique non-fiction passages that are differentiated into three levels, complete with text evidence color coding questions and short answer questions that stretch your students understanding and comprehension of the text.

The passages are leveled for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade for 30 passages in each unit. Each unit is written around a theme to engage your students in high-interest topics for the season.

Text-dependent questions address various close reading skills, while the show-what-you-know questions require the students to dig deeper into the text and find context clues to support their answers.

While the passages are differentiated, the students will be reading about the same topics, so your students will never know they are reading at a different level than their classmates.

Paired with eight graphic organizers, an annotation key, color-coded text evidence questions, and differentiated comprehension questions for each passage, this unit is a surefire way to take your close reading lessons to the next level.

Use these passages in literacy centers, balanced literacy blocks, and even for RTI. The text-dependent questions are written at three levels to pair with the texts for independent or small-group instruction.

If you desire to use one set of questions for the whole group, you can choose the questions that you believe your students as a group can discuss together. You have total control over how you differentiate this resource.

Fall Differentiated Reading Comprehension Titles:

  • No White After Labor Day
  • The Fall Moon Festival
  • Fall Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fall Leaves and Trees
  • Why Seasons Change
  • Fall Football
  • Moving and Hiding
  • Trick or Treat
  • Fall Flyers
  • The True History of Thanksgiving

Standards Covered:

CCSS: Tagged Above

TEKS: ELAR 2.3, 2.13, 2.14, 3.3, 3.13, 3.14, 4.1, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12



About the Authors

Farrah and Heather are veteran classroom teachers with 30 years in the elementary classroom. They are passionate about reading and helping students create a love for reading and understanding what they are reading. These passages were written and differentiated by two elementary teachers who have been in the trenches and taught Kinder-5th grade reading—created by teachers for teachers!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the first grade and 2-4 differentiated bundles?

Our 2-4 Differentiated bundle was the first bundle we created for this product line. First-grade teachers wanted to also be able to do close reading comprehension activities with their students but absolutely loved our themes and passages in the differentiated bundle. Thus, we created the first-grade bundle. This bundle includes the same THEMES but they are totally different passages than you will find in the 2-4 differentiated bundle and are written at a first-grade level. The 2-4 Differentiated bundle has the same THEMES but different passages that have been differentiated into three different grade levels.

Are these passages the right level for my students?

If you’re looking for the difficulty of the text passage, you’ll need something slightly above your student’s instructional level. And before you panic, remember that you’re leading them through these close reading lessons. You’re not expecting independent reading for your passages for close reading. That’s for your whole group or guided reading lessons.

The text is meant to be longer and a bit more difficult so your students will learn to work with harder passages with confidence. They also need to see new words and phrases that they’ve not heard before. If they are only reading words they already know, they’re not going to be challenged to build up their reading skills.

Can these activities be used in a digital or virtual classroom?

Yes! If they are printable resources, you can use the pieces to teach on-screen. If they are digital resources, you can assign them through your learning management platforms like Google Classroom™, Seesaw™, or BOOM™ and can also share your screen to use them to teach the lessons!

Can I use these activities in my online classrooms as teaching material? (Outschool, Online ESL) 

YES! We love online teachers and we authorize our resources to be used BY THE TEACHER during lessons. We don’t allow them to be sent to parents to be used outside the online classroom.


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