Post-Holiday Transition Tips for Teachers: Boost Engagement & Save Time!

Hopefully during break you have had time to relax, unwind, and enjoy times with friends, family, and doing a few fun things just for you. While breaks are great, the “Sunday Scaries” start to creep in once the celebrations wrap up. Making the shift from holiday mode back to teaching mode can be rough! But, as usual, I have some foolproof post-holiday transition tips for teachers to help you not only survive but THRIVE when you get back to school. 

Post-Holiday Transition Tips for Teachers 

We all know getting back to school can be a little bit rough. It can take a hot second to reignite that passion, get those little minds back on track, and still maintain your boundaries and “you time.” However, I have all the post-holiday transition tips for teachers to make this a reality for you? Need to know more? I know you do! Keep reading for these awesome tips! 


Ease Back Into Daily Routine 

Part of transitioning back into teacher life is about being back to a routine you’ve forgotten all about. While you do have to go back, this doesn’t have to be a jolt back to reality. Start gradually adjusting your sleep schedule a few days before you return to work. During this extra time awake, make sure your lesson plans are ready to go, but allow yourself some flexibility. It’s ok to ease into it, and give yourself grace during this time. 

Set Intentions and Reflect on Goals 

Post-holiday transition tips for teachers aren’t all about weaning yourself into the school year. This one is about jumping in and thinking with intention! You always want your next day, week, month, quarter, semester, or school year to be better. That’s why now is the perfect time to reflect on your teaching practices and set clear intentions for the upcoming term. What worked great during the previous term? What can be improved? Set a specific and achievable goal that will give you a clear direction and keep you motivated. 


When you are setting your goals, make sure they are challenging and achievable. Break down larger goals into small steps. This gives you an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments as well as your students’ accomplishments along the way. These little celebrations will keep you and your students motivated and on track. 

Get Organized with this Post-Holiday Transition Tips for Teachers 

Did you leave your classroom in a flash? I mean, we don’t blame you if you did. If you didn't, great! Move on to the next step after doing a quick double check. However, if you’re like many teachers, the bell rang, you did what you had to do and you were out of there. Before you go back to school, make sure you go back to school and create a clutter-free and well-organized classroom. This does wonders for your mindset and helps you feel ready for the first day of school. You can take some time to tidy up your teaching space, organize your materials including your math and literacy centers, and ensure everything is in its right place. This makes for a great learning environment, but it also makes your daily taste more manageable. 

Engage Students with Exciting Activities

Students, like you, have just spent break with little to no routine. Instead of kicking off the term with doom and gloom, greet them with engaging and interactive activities that will grab their attention and get them excited about learning again.you can incorporate games, group work, or hands-on activities that prompt collaboration and engagement. To make this way easier for you, make sure you check out these great ideas and resources! 

Snap Spiral Review

One of the many great resources we have at Farrah Henley Education are the Review in a Snap Spiral Review activities. These are a fantastic tool for revisiting key skills and concepts students may have totally forgotten about over holiday break. These ready-to-go materials provide consistent and structured practice while helping your students get back to academics! The spiral review format ensures they know the skills learned before are continually reinforced which creates long-term retention and mastery! The best part is, you can snag this great resource for first, second, and third grade students! 

Use No-Prep Printables for Simple Post-Holiday Transition Tips for Teachers 

Time is of the essence because you’re still on break. That means you don’t want to be spending hours creating materials that are engaging for your students on day one. You probably have other things to do like make sure your house is ready to survive the rest of the school year. Using “No Prep Printables” is the perfect go-to resource. These go to activities cover a variety of skills and concepts, providing you with ready-made activities that can be easily incorporated into your lesson plans! Not only do they save you time, they also ensure your students are engaged and learning from the start. You can get these great activities for first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade! 


Incorporate Holiday Memories Into Lessons

Students are back and eager to tell you all about their break. Don’t be afraid to bring a bit of the holiday spirit back into the classroom. You can encourage students to share what they did over break in stories that you tie into your lessons. This is a great way to foster a sense of community and engagement in your classroom while making sure everyone feels heard. 

Don’t Forget Self-Care!

Even though the holiday break is slowly coming to an end, as an education rockstar, you still need to take care of yourself! Make sure you are getting enough rest, eating well, and taking time to relax and recharge. Not setting boundaries and creative time for you, means you’re not going to be operating at your best. Self-care has never been selfish; it’s a necessity for you to be at your absolute best. 


Post-Holiday Transitions Tips for Teachers Call for Flexibility! 

When you are returning to school, remember it’s a transition period. Therefore, be prepared to adjust your plans as needed according to what you are seeing your students need. Remember, students are transitioning back to school just like you are. Being flexible can make this a smoother process for everyone. 

Positive Vibes Only!

There are probably going to be plenty of negatives that you could focus on. Students are coming back from no boundaries and very few rules. So, while there may be behaviors, focus on the good things. Think of ways to grow, reconnect with students, and remember you’re making a huge difference in their lives. Maintaining a positive outlook will set the tone for a successful term.

The transition back to school doesn’t have to be stressful. By incorporating these resources into your post-holiday plans can ease the transition. When you ease into your routine, make sure you have the first week ready to rock, and have realistic expectations and goals for your students, you and your students will be unstoppable this term!

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