New Elementary Math and Literacy Centers Get an Extra Upgrade this February

Math and literacy centers for elementary are perfect for reviewing material and enriching learning which is why I have worked so hard with my team to make amazing math and literacy centers for you! I always want to be better and do better for my clients. So, in February, we have some exciting things being added to our math and literacy centers!

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How to Use Math and Literacy Centers for Elementary

Math and literacy centers for elementary are perfect for enriching and reviewing past material and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them in centers with a specific framework, as a morning motivator, an early finisher task, an exit slip, and so much more! The sky is really the limit with these math and literacy centers for elementary. Plus, because Volume 2 has no holiday themes, unlike Volume 1, you can use everything all year round (not that a snowman in May is a bad idea). 

Digital or Print? Access Math and Literacy Centers Anywhere! 

One of the best features of our Volume 2 Centers is how they can be used. Whether you are a print-it out kind of teacher or someone who prefers or has no choice but to go virtual, it will work for you! All of our centers can be printed but can also be digital using various online platforms such as: SeeSaw, Boom and Boom Learning, and Google Classroom. Because all of the centers are made using Google Slides, anything that is compatible with Google will work! 

For those of you who like to print it out, our printables are available in black and white as well as color. We always recommend you use a lighter colored paper so it’s easy to see the words and pictures on the math and literacy center components. Don’t forget you’ll want to laminate some pieces to save yourself time and paper in the long run!

How to Find the Math and Literacy Center You Need

Our math and literacy centers are perfect for kindergartens all the way to fifth grade. On the Farrah Henley Education TPT store, all of our products are color coded and labeled for specific grades. For example, all of our second grade resources have a peach color around it. You can also see down the side of the slide whether it is digital or printable. If it says printable or hands on, you are getting the pieces you will have to print. If it says digital, you are getting access to the math and literacy centers in that way. Finally, if you want a specific Volume, you’ll look in the left hand corner. If it says “Volume II” it’s that volume. 

Which Standards Are Covered in the Math and Literacy Centers? 

We all know that standards are ruling over the educational world right now. When you buy the math and literacy center bundle for any grade, not only will you get a table of contents with the Common Core and TEKS Standards that are included, you will get a standards guide. This standard guide tells you which activities work on which skill. 


Now, I have been in the classroom. Tell me a standard number, I am running to look it up. Tell me the skill and I know exactly what you’re talking about. We have pulled the skill out of all of the standards so you simply have to go to that skill and see which volume has the standard needed and which month the math and literacy centers correlate with. This allows you to easily find the exercises students need to work on to grow making differentiation a stitch! 

The New Look 

With Volume 2, we wanted to give the teachers what they wanted: non holiday themes. For example, in kindergarten, first, and second grade we have an adorable space themed center. This makes using the math and literacy centers with your pacing a complete breeze because you don’t have holidays to contend with! 


Who Can Use Math and Literacy Centers? 

We have created math and literacy centers for grades K-5. These centers focus on reviewing and enriching material your students have already covered through the use of games and activities. Some of the games are built by the students so they will never place the same game twice! Because we have focused on the standards, all levels of education can benefit from these math and literacy centers. 


Kindergarten Centers

In the space theme math and literacy center bundle for kindergarten we have: ask and answer questions, rhyming, sight words, opinion texts, and more for the literacy centers. For the math centers we have decomposing numbers, counting to 100, making ten, and more! 

First Grade Centers 

For the first grade centers, which is great for first grade but also great for those high achievers in kindergarten. In the first grade literacy centers we have activities that review the following ideas: long and short vowels, nonfiction text features, point of view activities, using animations, opinion writing, and more! The math centers include: hour and half hour time activities, fractions with shapes, graphing, measuring,word problems and more! 

Second Grade Centers 

Second graders need some love too! In the literacy centers, in the printable and digital version you get activities that include the following: context clues, nonfiction images, ask and answer questions, editing and revising your writing, simple and compound sentences, and more! The  math centers include: addition with odd and even numbers, subtracting, comparing numbers, graphing, money word problems, and more! 

Third Grade Centers

In the third grade math and literacy centers, we did more than pay attention to the standards. We considered the students’ ages and thought we needed to have themes that matched there level of cool. So on top of great activities, there is a great look as well! The literacy centers include: problems and solutions, opinion writing, support and opinion, opinion passages, open closed syllables, shades of meaning, conjunctions and more! The math centers include: place values, addition, multiplication factors, division facts, mixed operations, equations, and more!  

Fourth Grade Centers 

Just like with the third graders, we wanted to make the themes a little bit more mature. This makes it more fun for the students and they don’t feel like they are being treated like “babies”. For the literacy centers in the fourth grade bundle, the following is included: text structure, similes and metaphors, characters, supporting details, opinion writing, suffixes, homophones, and more! For the math centers we included: writing numbers, addition, division, measurements, and more! 

Fifth Grade Centers 

While we don’t have a lot of fifth grade teachers, we want to make sure the fifth grade centers are available for those that we do have and for differentiation. Some of your students are going to soar when it comes to certain standards. Having the fifth grade standards can be nice to have to challenge your exceptional fourth grade student who is just breezing through it all. The fifth grade literacy center bundle includes: text structures, point of view, supporting details, synonyms, idioms, and more! For the math centers your activities focus on: writing numbers, addition, multiplication, exponents, divisibility rules, decimals, and more! 

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This is just a sneak-peak of what the February math and literacy centers look like! Whether you are using these great centers now or you’re new to them, you are going to see some amazing changes coming your way. Make sure you check out our bundles for both the print and digital copies. With these centers, your students will be masters in math and literacy! You can see and learn more about the centers by checking out our Facebook Live or this center sample. You can also join the VIP Club for exclusive tips and freebies! 

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