Mother’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

Mother’s Day is around the corner which means it’s time for some fun Mother’s Day activities for elementary students! If you’re stuck and can’t think of something to do, you’ve landed in the right place! From crafting unique DIY projects and custom cards to whipping up delicious recipes in the kitchen, there are so many ways for your students to show love and appreciation to the mother figure in their lives! 

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Importance of Celebrating Mother's Day in School

Mother's Day is not only a celebration of the love and dedication of mothers and those who act as mothers in our students' lives,  but also an opportunity for elementary students to show appreciation for those people. Celebrating Mother's Day in school helps create a sense of community and reinforces the importance of family bonds. However, make sure you are celebrating all family types. 

Incorporating Mother's Day into the school curriculum also allows students to learn about the historical and cultural significance of this special day. It provides an opportunity to explore different traditions and customs associated with Mother's Day around the world, promoting global awareness and understanding. Plus, you can always have students share their family dynamics to create an inclusive environment. 

Fun and Creative Mother's Day Crafts

Crafting personalized gifts is a popular and heartfelt way for elementary students to show their love on Mother's Day. Engaging in creative projects not only encourages self-expression but also gives your students a chance to showcase their art skills. Here are some fun and creative Mother's Day activities for elementary students! 

Handprint Flower Bouquet: 

Help students create a colorful flower bouquet by tracing their handprints on construction paper. Have them cut out the handprints and attach them to green pipe cleaners as stems. Arrange the handprint flowers in a vase or tie them together with a ribbon for a charming bouquet. You can have students create their own vases and decorate them to represent the person they are giving their hand-bouquet too. You can also do this project by painting students’ hands and having them create flowers on a piece of paper. Then, they can add a vase at the bottom. 

Photo Collage

Have students gather their favorite photos with their mothers and create a beautiful photo collage. Provide them with various materials such as colored paper, scissors, glue, and markers to decorate the collage. Encourage them to write heartfelt messages or captions for each photo. If your students can’t find photos, you can give students prompts and have them illustrate pictures. For example, you can have a prompt that says, β€œDraw a picture of you and your mom doing a fun activity.” 

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame: 

Everyone loves a picture frame because you can always use it! Instruct students to arrange popsicle sticks in a square or rectangular shape to create a picture frame. Let your students decorate the frame with paint, glitter, or stickers. Once the frame is dry, they can insert a photo of themselves with their mothers or a picture they drew of them and their mothers. 

These crafts not only provide an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity but also serve as cherished keepsakes for mothers and mother figures. 

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

In addition to crafts, there are plenty of DIY gifts that elementary students can make for their mothers on Mother's Day. These gifts add a personal touch and are really fun to do in the classroom. Here are some ideas for DIY Mother's Day gifts!

Customized Jewelry: 

Help students create unique pieces of jewelry for their mothers using beads, string, and charms. They can design bracelets, necklaces, or even keychains. Encourage them to choose charms or beads that represent something special between them and their mothers. If charms and beads aren’t in the budget, you can also use noodles that students can paint. 

Spa Day Kit: 

Every mom needs some relaxation. So, you can help students put together a DIY spa day kit for their mothers. Provide them with small containers to fill with homemade bath salts, sugar scrubs, or face masks. They can also create custom labels or decorate the containers to add a personalized touch.

 Coupon Book: 

Have students create a coupon book filled with special offers and acts of kindness for their mothers. They can include coupons for things like breakfast in bed, a chore-free day, or a homemade dinner. Encourage them to think of activities that their mothers would truly appreciate.

These DIY gifts not only showcase the effort and thoughtfulness put into creating them but also provide an opportunity for students to learn new skills and explore their creativity.

Mother's Day-Themed Games and Activities

Mom likes to have fun too! So creating a mother’s day activity for elementary with some fun and excitement is a great idea! One way to add some excitement is to incorporate games and activities. Here are some Mother's Day-themed games and activities to engage young students. 

Mother's Day Bingo: 

There are so many free bingo sites online which makes this mother’s day activity for elementary a breeze! You can create a bingo game with words or pictures related to Mother's Day. Distribute bingo cards to students and call out the words or show the pictures one by one. The first student to complete a line or a full card shouts “Bingo!” and wins a small prize. You can also do word searches like the free Mother’s Day Word Search with moms! 

Guess the Baby: 

Ask students to bring baby photos of themselves and their mothers to school. Display the photos and have students guess which baby photo belongs to each student. This activity can spark conversations about family resemblances and create laughter and joy. It is also a great way to celebrate different types of families as well. 

 Memory Game: 

Create a memory game with pairs of cards featuring pictures or words associated with Mother's Day. Shuffle the cards and place them face down. Students take turns flipping two cards, trying to find a match. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

These games and activities add an element of excitement and friendly competition to Mother's Day celebrations in school, creating joyful memories for students and their mothers.

Cooking and Baking Ideas for Mother's Day

Everyone loves to bake and it’s a great way to work on math skills while seeing science in action! So, what better way to celebrate Mother's Day than by indulging in delicious homemade treats? Cooking and baking provide an opportunity for elementary students to bond with their mothers while creating memories and treats! Here are some cooking and baking ideas for Mother's Day.


Breakfast in Bed: 

There’s nothing like a good surprise in the morning. One way to create a surprise for moms is to encourage students to surprise their mothers with breakfast in bed. Provide simple and safe recipes for students to follow, such as pancakes or scrambled eggs. They can also create personalized menus or decorate the breakfast tray with flowers.

Cupcake Decorating: 

Have students decorate cupcakes with colorful frosting and various toppings. Provide different piping bags, sprinkles, and edible decorations. Encourage them to get creative and design cupcakes that reflect their mothers' personalities or interests.

Homemade Pizza: 

Help students prepare homemade pizzas for a Mother's Day lunch or dinner. Set up a station with different toppings, sauces, and pizza dough. Let them customize their pizzas and bake them in the oven and invite moms in for lunch! This activity allows students to showcase their culinary skills while spending quality time with their mothers. If you can’t bring in their moms, you can also send home a pizza kit with your students. 

Cooking and baking together not only create delicious treats but also provide an opportunity for students to learn about measurements, following instructions, and working as a team.

Mother's Day Storytelling and Role-Playing

Storytelling and role-playing activities can be a wonderful way for elementary students to bring a smile to those around them on Mother’s Day. These activities encourage imagination, creativity, and empathy. Here are some Mother's Day storytelling and role-playing ideas:

Storybook Creation

Instruct students to write and illustrate their own Mother's Day storybooks. They can come up with imaginative tales that highlight the special bond between mothers and children. Encourage them to include personal stories or lessons they have learned from their mothers. For younger students, you can use sentence prompts and incorporate this activity into your literacy centers. 

Mother's Day Skit: 

Divide students into small groups and have each group create a short skit about the different roles mothers play in their lives. They can showcase everyday scenarios and depict the love, care, and support provided by their mothers. Encourage them to incorporate humor and heartfelt moments into their skits. This is also a great way to celebrate different cultures and family dynamics. 

Interview with Mom: 

Ask students to prepare interview questions to ask their mothers. They can then conduct an interview, either in person or via video call, and record their mothers' responses. This activity allows students to learn more about their mothers' experiences and gain a deeper understanding of their perspectives. You can also interview students about their moms and give the answers to their moms for Mother’s Day. 

Storytelling and role-playing activities provide an avenue for students to explore their creativity and imagination. 

Outdoor Activities to Celebrate Mother's Day

If weather permits, organizing outdoor activities can add an element of adventure and excitement to Mother's Day activities for elementary. These activities provide an opportunity for elementary students to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with their mothers. Here are some outdoor activities to celebrate Mother's Day. 

Picnic in the Park: 

Arrange a picnic in a nearby park or outdoor space. Encourage students to pack their favorite snacks to share with their mothers. Provide picnic blankets, games, and activities to make the day even more enjoyable. This can also be something you reach out to other teachers to do as a collaborative activity. 


Nature Scavenger Hunt: 

Create a nature scavenger hunt for students and their mothers. Provide a list of items they need to find in the park or outdoor area, such as specific flowers, leaves, or rocks. This activity encourages observation skills and appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Planting Flowers: 

Help students and their moms plant flowers in a designated area. Provide pots, soil, and various flower seeds or seedlings. This activity not only allows students to learn about gardening but also creates a lasting memory as they watch the flowers grow and bloom.

Outdoor activities provide a refreshing change of scenery and allow students to engage in physical activity while celebrating Mother's Day! .

Virtual Mother's Day Celebrations for Distance Learning

In the era of distance learning, virtual celebrations have become the norm. Although students may not be physically present with their moms, they can still create meaningful experiences through virtual Mother's Day celebrations. Here are some ideas for virtual Mother's Day celebrations if moms can’t come into the classroom. 

Virtual Tea Party

Encourage students to have a virtual tea party with their moms. Provide simple tea recipes and suggest making homemade treats to go along with the tea. Students can dress up, set a fancy table, and have a delightful tea party while connecting online.

Virtual Talent Show

Organize a virtual talent show where students can showcase their talents and dedicate performances to their mothers. This can include singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, acting out a skit, or saying their favorite poem. Mothers can join the virtual event and cheer on their students.

Digital Scrapbook

The nice thing about digital scrapbooks is they can’t get lost or damaged. Instruct students to create a digital scrapbook using online platforms or apps. They can get photos, videos, and messages together and create a scrapbook just for mom. You can encourage them to get creative with designs, backgrounds, and layouts. 

Involving Parents in Mother's Day Activities

Involving parents in Mother's Day activities not only strengthens the bond between parents and children but also creates a sense of unity within the school community. Here are some ways to involve parents in Mother's Day activities. 

Parent-Child Craft Workshops: 

Organize craft workshops where parents and children can create Mother's Day crafts together. Provide materials and instructions for a specific craft project, such as creating a family tree or a collaborative art piece. This allows parents to bond with their children while creating something special for Mother's Day. Because we all know teachers are on a budget, you can also have parents bring supplies to help out. 

Mother's Day Breakfast or Brunch: 

You can host a Mother's Day breakfast or brunch at the school, inviting parents to join their children for a meal. Students can prepare simple dishes or snacks with the guidance of their teachers. This event provides an opportunity for parents to mingle with other parents and celebrate Mother's Day together.

Parent Appreciation Wall

Set up a parent appreciation wall where students can write messages or draw pictures to express their love and gratitude for their mothers. Encourage parents to visit the wall and read the heartfelt messages from their children. This activity creates a sense of appreciation and unity within the school community and can be done with any of the above activities. 


Involving parents in Mother's Day activities strengthens the relationship between parents and children while building a supportive and inclusive school community.

The Importance of Showing Love and Appreciation to Mothers

Mother's Day is a special occasion to express love and gratitude towards mothers and those who act as mothers for their support and love. For elementary students, it is an opportunity to engage in fun and creative activities that allow them to showcase their affection. Whether it's through crafting personalized gifts, cooking delicious treats, or engaging in storytelling and role-playing, these activities create lasting memories and strengthen a bond. 


This Mother's Day, let's encourage elementary students to embrace their creativity and show their love and appreciation for their mothers in unique and meaningful ways. Together, let's make this day an extraordinary celebration of the incredible mothers who deserve all the love and recognition in the world. Happy Mother's Day!

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