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Finding different ways to review material in a fixed classroom schedule can be difficult but, using MobyMax in the classroom can transform your interevention and review block.

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Imagine you have a student who has fallen behind due to a reading comprehension issue, several absences, or just needs a little extra to fully comprehend whether that’s in reading or math.

It can be hard to get a few caught up while the others are right on track or when several are on different tracks! I’m sure you had at least one student in mind while reading this. The great news is I have a solution for you: MobyMax.

What is MobyMax?

MobyMax is online learning resource that offers FREE math, language, and reading curriculum for K-8 teachers and students! All of MobyMax’s lessons are aligned with Common Core Standards and are very low maintenance for already super busy teachers.

How does MobyMax work?

It’s truly and easy set up.

  • To begin, you create an account, and you start to enroll your students using the home screen dashboard. What’s awesome is you can enroll as many students as you would like!
  • After you enroll students and assign them a username and a password, you can help students log in. Their screen looks similar to yours. Then, you can have students choose a math, language, vocabulary, or reading lesson.
  • Everyone starts with a placement tests with the results being sent straight to you. MobyMax determines which indicators students need and creates assignments based on these indicators to help fill in “knowledge gaps.”

What can MobyMax do for you?

Now that you know how MobyMax works, what can it do for you? Well first off it can help differentiate instruction for you by creating an “individualized education plan” for each student. This ensures your more advanced student aren’t bored and your students who need a little extra time won’t get left behind.

Photo Credit: MobyMax

You can use MobyMax Math in your classroom to help fill in and fix math skills that are “essential for math comprehension.” With MobyMax Math, students have improved their Math skills by one grade level after 20 hours of MobyMax Math. Because of the placement test, MobyMax Math doesn’t focus on skills that have already been mastered, but instead focuses on the skills that need to be worked on and shows the students and the teacher progress as the student uses the program.

MaxMax Math is great but you can also use Moby Reading which helps students with the following:

  • alphabet letters and sounds
  • phonics
  • phonics blending and spelling
  • general spelling rules
  • dolch and fry sight words
  • foundational reading skills.
Photo Credit: MobyMax

The reading program on MobyMax is personalized to your students so those who need more help with reading comprehension can get the help they need while the others strengthen their weaker skills.

Math and Reading are just two subjects MobyMax can help you and your students out with. There are also some Language, Writing, Science, and Social Studies lessons available.

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Implementing MobyMax in the Classroom

There are many ways you can implement MobyMax in your classroom.

  • Use MobyMax as a go to when you finish with a lesson early and have a little extra time to spare.
  • Have students use MobyMax to transition into a new lesson.
  • Have a Moby hour once a week in school. It’s like DEAR but DEAM (which is almost a DREAM come true for you!)
  • Use MobyMax to give students the freedom to learn at their own speed and build confidence.
  • Use MobyMax to create a collaborative learning environment for students.

One of the best things about MobyMax is it can be used in more than just the classroom. Because it is an application, Moby is mobile!

Getting Parents Involved

Teaching parents about MobyMax and sharing student log ins with parents so they can work on skills at home can be a great asset.

Using this application, specifically the MobyMax games at home as “homework” can replace worksheets that don’t have the same differentiation power as MobyMax.

In addition to using MobyMax games and lessons as a resource to replace worksheets, you can also use Flip Flap Books which makes research and writing FUN for students. You can even use MobyMax reading or language along with the Flip Flap Books.

MobyMax isn’t only good for homework and in class work, it can be used by parents who homeschool their children to ensure their kids are getting the Common Core Standards deemed essential and not stress! Teachers, parents, and students alike can have fun by using programs like MobyMax.

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What does it cost?

The truly best part about MobyMax is that it is entirely free. You can pay $59 a year for MobyMax and gain some more options like printing off progress reports or creating an IEP. In addition, if you can get your district on board, MobyMax Pro can be used district wide for only $300.

MobyMax is only one of the many different applications out there that can help you in your classroom. Another popular application is Padlet which is great for classroom with iPads!

If you find that you have a student (or two or three) who has some gaps in their learning, try MobyMax out for free and see what it can do to help those who are lagging. Try MobyMax out and see what it can do to push your fast lane travelers. Try MobyMax and see what it can do for your classroom.

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Finding ways to maximize the time you have in your school day and getting parents involved for additonal practice at home while making review fun and engaging is a win-win situation!

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2 Responses

  1. Joyce Schuchmann says:

    I am a grandparent guardian of a 7th grade student who was placed in special education classes as she was getting the material. Previously in 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade she had eye surgery which included each good eye being patched to force the bad eye and the brain to work together. Then other eye following year etc. she was learning by hearing with no help until 5 th grade then given assistance an classes as special ed. Is this program available to me to use in June to try and fill in early missing gaps. If so as an individual how can I get it. joyceschuchmann@aol.com
    Thank you Joyce Schuchmann

    1. Hello Joyce! Thank you for reaching out! This program is not ours but a learning platform that we love to use with students. Please check out the Moby Max website for all the details on how you can get your grand-daughter started on the program! Happy Teaching!

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