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Are you looking for easy math and literacy centers? Welcome to your saving grace! We are on Volume 2 of my easy framework math and literacy centers. With Volume 1, we found a way to Keep It Stinkin’ Simple with an Easy Centers Framework that works in any classroom. However, there’s always room for improvement. Volume 2 not only offers you amazing centers with the same easy framework, it gives you a theme-free option to make your centers customizable for your classroom content. So, if you have been searching for a magic formula to make your math and literacy centers work, keep reading to see what Volume 2 will do for you! Plus, there’s a little bonus at the end.

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Why Use Easy Math and Literacy Centers

Math and literacy centers are great for review and are so easy to differentiate for all of your students. Plus, many of the center activities that we have come with self-checking options if you wish to use them. On top of all that, with clear and concise expectations, any grade level can self-navigate your centers even when you have a sub.  So, what does Volume 2 of our amazing centers do for you? Here’s what!

A New Look! A New Pathway!

All of our centers look incredible. However, many teachers reached out and asked for centers that were not holiday themed. We listened to your requests and created all new center activities with non-holiday themed activities. This gives you the freedom to use our October centers in August or December without having a pumpkin staring back at you instead of a Christmas Tree.


With you in mind, we also did our research and tried our best to match the curriculum that a majority of schools are following. We surveyed teachers and looked at curriculum guides and tried to find a “majority” pathway of content you can follow so you don’t have to mix the center activities around. However, now that they are non-holiday and non-season themed, it’s a little easy to mix it up!

New Look, New Activities

It would be easy for us to swap out the clip art in the already made math and literacy center activities that we have, but why not make them better? We created all new interactive activities for your easy math and literacy centers for kindergarten through fifth grade. All of our activities are like a game, so you have great student buy in right away! From using clothes-pins (physically or digitally) to fill in the blank, your students will be challenged and having fun.


In addition to new activities, we added another platform. Now we have Boom Card center activities as well as SeeSaw and Google Slide options. With Boom Cards, the compute does the grading for you and depending on what tier you have on the problem, you can see what cards your students struggled with and excelled on.

Easy Digital and Print Math and Literacy Centers

We have always had a passion for making the lives of teachers easier. You already have so much on your plate. Last year, we worked hard to convert several activities into a digital center format because that’s what you all needed. In Volume 1, you can get print and digital centers for math and literacy centers but there are only 8 digital center activities. With Volume 2, you get 10 literacy and 10 math center activities that you can get in the digital or print form. This is an all year long deal with the bundle! You can get both in one big bundle for any grade level! So, if you are teaching second and third grade in a multi-level classroom, you can keep both grade levels working and learning online or on paper.


The printable centers got a glow-up as well! Not only are the center activities not holiday themed, you have the option to print them in black and white if color is not your thing (or it’s not in the budget). You can also find out how to store your printable centers in cute little containers by checking out this video.

Easy Math and Literacy Centers, Easy Grading

When you have several students doing several activities, it can sound like a grading nightmare. I mean, image in a 40-minute time frame the number of first graders you have doing five different activities. If you have 20 students, that 100 items to grade. Not with us! Many of our activities, like the Boom Cards, are self-checking. In addition, we give you an exit slip and an answer key for each center. The exit slip helps show your students knowledge and the answer key gives you a quick reference to grade or you can have your students do it. If you use printable centers, you can put the answer key in the center, or you can have it in a separate location that students have to use to go and check their work.


Math and literacy centers are game changers for teachers and students in all grades. Whether you have been a fourth grade teacher (or any teacher K-5) for years or you are new to the game, you can make your classroom stronger with easy math and literacy centers. By following my easy centers framework, you can make centers work like a charm in your classroom and see amazing growth with your students.  If you want a sneak peek on what you’d be investing in, click here for a free look! We are excited to bring you new activities, a new look, and a whole lot of learning!

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