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Printable Holiday Activities for Your Classroom

As the holiday season creeps up on us, our students are starting to get restless. This can be a tiring time for a teacher, especially one who has littles of their own to contend with! As the students start to look to the skies for Santa, bring them back into your classroom with these 13 free printable holiday activities for your classroom. 

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Color Me! 

Sometimes we all need a little bit of color therapy. Coloring can help calm your mind by focusing it on a low stakes task (for students and teachers). In these incredible freebie pages, you get 6 color pages ready for the holiday season. 

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Easily make this into an awesome part of your curriculum by having your students tell the story of one of these fun characters, the nutcrackers and the gingerbread people. Maybe the nutcrackers are brothers and the gingerbread people are all about to be eaten and have to find a way to escape! If you want to make this interactive, turn this into a guided writing unit and use literacy centers to develop characters and more! 

Look Out!

Another great way to get your students focused is with fun work searches. Make some of these words part of your word wall and help your students recognize these common words. You can have a lot of fun making gingerbread with these words for some added fun at your holiday party! Get a parent involved to make it extra special. 

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What’s that say? 

Another great way to get your students’ minds buzzing is to have them unscramble the words from your word search! This turns simple search and find into practice. Then you can color your pictures and write an awesome story using these new sight words!

Why wait!? 

Combine these three page types together for a fun guided writing unit. Start by adding the words to your word wall or reviewing them before starting. Then have your students complete the word search. Next, have them unscramble the words. Finally, let them help you create the story of the three nutcrackers or the three gingerbread people or both! You can even have two separate groups writing different stories.

This would work great if you had an extra hand like classroom assistant in your room. You can easily expand this until by using literacy centers to build their knowledge of the words between each step. After all the work is done, tie it all together at the holiday party by making your own nutcrackers and gingerbread people. If your students are too little to make cookies, just let them decorate some. You can always enlist a parent or a few to help make some gingerbread shaped sugar cookies! 

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As the holiday season buzz starts making your students get a little, nutty, have some fun with it with these free printable pages! Happy Holidays! 

xoxo Farrah Henley
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