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Thanks for stopping by today and joining in on this little adventure! Some bloggy friends and I have joined together to share some classroom freebies that you can use at anytime during the year no matter the season. You can grab a total of 15 free classroom resources, including my FREE MATH GAMES, for your PreK-2nd students by hopping to each blog until you end up back here! If you are a third, fourth, or fifth grade teacher, we have a hop for you as well!

Math Games
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For this hop, I will be sharing samples of the math games found in my Squares Your Brain Math Games product line!

This super fun game can be found in my TPT shop. Currently, there are four Squares Your Brain games available for grades K-3. For this game you will need:

Such an easy set up! So, what is Squares Your Brain? Squares Your Brain is a new and exciting classroom game that brings fun and engagement into the review of standards! There are currently games for Math and ELA skills in a K-3 classroom. 


This easy to use game comes in vibrant colors and in a printer-friendly format. Even better, it is SELF-CHECKING! 

Want to know what teachers are saying about this product?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your FREE MATH GAMES and then hop on over to the next blog to grab some more amazing free resources from my blogging besties!

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If you like the Squares Your Brain games you downloaded and want more? I have them available for K-3rd grades in my shop! Just head on over and grab them for your students!

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Don't miss out! When you end up back on my blog you have completed the PreK-2 loop! If you are looking for 3-5 Classroom Resources just jump on over and start at the beginning of their loop!

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4 Responses

  1. My kids always loved to play anything game related. Thanks!

  2. I just knew these would be amazing! You didn’t disappoint! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Julie Yeros says:

    These will make practicing important skills way more fun! Thanks for sharing!

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