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Virtual Field Trips for Elementary – EP 335

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Everyone loves a good field trip except possibly the person who has to plan it! Field trips can become a logistical nightmare in a hurry! What if I told you there was another way you and your students could visit and experience in person? Virtual field trips for students can take your potentially nightmarish field trip to a whole new level!

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What is a Virtual Field Trip? 

A virtual field trip for students can take students to so many faraway places! If you close your eyes, can you picture yourself in the International Space Station? How about at the Lincoln Memorial? The Washington Monument? While funding for these could take years or a massive amount of work on your end, virtual field trips for students can take students all around the world for free! Where can you find these virtual field trip treasures? I am so glad you asked! Here are three of my favorite resources!

Virtual Field Trip Resources

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