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7 Indoor Recess Ideas for Elementary – EP 329

Episode Takeaways

Looking for indoor recess ideas for those cold days when you are stuck inside? Baby, it’s cold outside! Well, I’m in Texas so one day it’s cold the next it isn’t…Mother Nature is definitely confused.  Regardless, there are multiple reasons why the weather can keep us inside at recess and I thought I would share some activities that are great for indoor recess because, after a few days stuck inside, your students can get a little wild. In today’s episode/video, I am going to share 7 of my favorite indoor recess ideas to help you maintain your sanity!

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Activities for Indoor Recess

  1. Art
  2. Fun Centers
  3. Games (board games, twister, charades)
  4. STEM Projects (cup stacking)
  5. Get Moving (musical chairs, relay races, dance party, human knot, night at the museum)
  7. Escape Games

When you know recess isn’t going to happen, it can be easy to let that lesson run over just a little bit. While I totally get it, it’s important to NOT let that happen. Just like us, students need a brain break as well as some time just to decompress. That’s why I use these seven indoor recess activities for just that: indoor recess. By having these activities on standby, I am always ready. Plus, because I only use them for indoor recess activities, they never get old! 

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