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Simple Classroom Management Systems – EP 318

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Classroom management can be a nightmare! From one year to the next you don’t know whether you should change up what you’re doing or keep what you’ve always done. However, what I realized is I am always going back to the same tried and true simple classroom management systems because they were so stinkin’ simple! Plus, I realized when I was trying to change something, I was changing an unbroken system. If you’re a new teacher or your classroom management system hasn’t been working, here are three simple classroom management systems that will work and two that never did. 

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A classroom management system is a tool you have in your classroom that helps your students visually see whether or not they are following your classroom expectations. Your classroom expectations can vary depends on what you do in your classroom. For example, if you use math and literacy centers and have center expectations. These can be used as part of your classroom expectations too. Now, of course, you need to make sure you have clear, concise expectations for them to follow that you have practiced and gone through before you dive into any classroom management system. But once you start using them, you want them to be simple, inexpensive, and manageable! 

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