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Misconceptions About Math and Literacy Centers – EP 311

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Math and literacy centers are only for lower elementary grades, right? Busy work. That’s all centers are! I have heard it all before, and I am here to tell you it’s a pack of lies! There are so many misconceptions about math and literacy centers. So why are these misconceptions about math and literacy centers heard all the time? Easy, they are believable. In fact, they are so believable that I thought all these misconceptions were true, but not anymore! Today, I’m going to bust the misconceptions about math and literacy centers and bring them into all your classrooms!

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There is a huge difference between the system of math and literacy centers and the activities in them. Typically, the activities get all the focus but the system is incredibly important! The system of centers includes what rotation schedule you’re going to use, the number of centers you are going to include, grouping techniques, expectations, and more. The activities are what you do in the centers.

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