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Early Finisher Activities That Are Easy To Implement – EP 308

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When you start working on anything whether it’s in your centers or just in class, some students are inevitably going to get done faster than others. Therefore, some students are going to have extra time to do, well nothing. This happens in the morning which is why we have morning work to combat the chaos. However, what do we do when students are early finishers during centers or independent work time? Well, if you don’t have an early finisher activity for them to do, chaos ensues. In order to keep everyone focused, you’ll want to have early finisher activities for students when they are in centers and doing independent work. 

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Early finishers are always going to be a part of your classroom. Therefore, having activities for those students to do while everyone else works is important not only for their learning but those around them as well. You can find simple activities for students to do that don’t need to create more work for you or even get an end result because the process is learning enough. 

Resources Mentioned

5 Quick and Simple Early Finisher Activities to Keep Everyone Learning
Squares Your Brain
Boom Cards
Digital Centers

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