EP 304: Grouping Students in Learning Centers

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You have all of the procedures figured out, materials are organized for digital and print centers. You have a framework that is going to work for you and your classroom. Your centers are ready to rock! Now, it’s time to start meeting with students. How do you ever start to put your students into groups? When you start to meet with your students, you want to make sure you are grouping students in learning centers in a way that is going to make all your hard work worth it!

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Grouping students in learning centers is no easy task, but you have a few options. When you group students, you can group them heterogeneously or you can group them homogeneously. Grouping students heterogeneously means you are putting students at different levels together. This can help with differentiation because you have students who are currently achieving at a higher level helping those who are not understanding quite as well yet.

With homogenous grouping you are putting students together who are at a similar level. This is great for differentiation once the teacher center is reached because you know where these students are and what you need to do to challenge them to whatever the next level might be.

Resources Mentioned

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