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EP 3: Trauma-Informed Teaching

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What do you think of when you hear the word trauma? For many of us we may think of death at a young age, abuse, or bad accidents that result in a life-changing event. When you talk about trauma-informed teaching, we aren’t talking about the one-time traumas that we all encounter in life. Trauma-informed teaching is being aware of the “trauma” students are facing every day that are out of the teacher’s control. 

Trauma-informed teaching may be a new “buzzword” in the educational field, but it is necessary for all teachers new and old to learn this phrase and the effects it can have on the classroom.

What is trauma informed teaching? 

Trauma-informed teaching is knowing and understanding the stress your students have in their lives and providing coping mechanisms in the classroom. Trauma-informed teaching is one of the most powerful ways to reach students who have walls up because it allows them to feel safe. Beyond being a support for your students, there are several reasons to have a trauma-informed classroom. 

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Blog Post: Trauma-Informed Teaching
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