EP 2: Sight Words In Your Classroom

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When you teach your students to read, you open the door to endless possibilities. Not only will your students have a stronger vocabulary, but their imaginations will grow as well. One of the best ways to turn your students into excellent readers is to work sight words into your daily routine. 

What is a Sight Word? 

A sight word is a term that is commonly seen in reading. These words often have more than one meaning. When we talk about sight words in first grade, we are typically looking at a set of about one hundred words. Who, the, and he are just a few examples of sight words that will help students become stronger readers. 

Why Sight Words? 

Sight words are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Some of the biggest benefits of teaching sight words include: 

  • Building confidence
  • Freeing up time to learn more difficult words 
  • Comprehending texts better

All of the above will not only make your students stronger readers, it will also make them better critical thinkers. When you teach students how to use what they do know (like sight words) to their advantage, they can take on bigger challenges and learn how to problem solve! 

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Dolch Sight Word Bundle
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