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Episode 20: Top Mentors for Teacherpreneurs



Today’s episode is for my teacher bosses out there that are looking for a mentor or coach to help them grow and scale their online edupreneur business. These are my top choices for mentors for teacherpreneurs.

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In the beginning of my journey, I was lonely, lost and stuck! I didn’t reach out to mentors and coaches the way I should have. There is value in finding mentors for teacherpreneurs so that you can have guidance along the way on your own journey.

I am a huge advocate for getting outside your niche when running an online business, BUT there are so many coaches and mentors within our own niche that can help you stay on track and know your niche better than before.

The following coaches and mentors for teacherpreners share free content as well as offer online courses for edupreneurs so that you can learn to grow and scale a successful business.

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Resources Mentioned

Ask Farrah: Ask me anything! I will choose questions to answer on-air!
Teachers Pay Teachers
Farrah Henley Education, LLC

Mentors for Teacherpreneurs

Shelly Rees –
TPT Focused Success Course
Becoming a Teacher Author
TPT Focused Success Course Spiral Bound Planner
SEO Basics for the Teacher Author
TPT Focused Success Challenge Group
Teacherpreneur Consultation

Tabitha Carro
Smarphone Marketing School

Kristin Kalani
Social Media Boss

Tracy Morgan –
Your FB Ads Fairy Godmother (Cultivate)

Trina Deboree
Podcasting for Teacherpreneurs

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