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Episode 13: Living With Your Spouse in an RV



Do you think you and your spouse could live together 24/7/365 in a small tiny space?  In this episode, we dive into how living with your spouse in an rv can be a big challenge, some mistakes we made, and some tips for how you and your significant other can take the leap and hit the road in an RV all while keeping your relationship solid.

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Living in an RV, or other tiny space by itself is a challenge. Add to that the fact that you and another human being will have to find a way to coexist and function in a small space where alone time can be a priceless commodity and you find yourself in a battle where it, unless you are prepared, can be disasterous.

Living with your spouse in an RV comes with a set of unique challenges and obstacles. But, none of them are deal breakers if you approach this challenge with the right attitude.

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