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Building Rapport with Students

It was 2008, my first year teaching kindergarten, and building rapport with students was not at the top of my to-do list. I was excited, nervous, and mostly just lost! It wasn’t my first year of teaching. I had been in the classroom for four years; however, I taught Pre-Kindergarten and at a private preschool. This was a public school. To top it off, I had not been through a traditional teaching program at a university. I was self-taught and had a degree in social work before getting my alternative certification. I learned in the trenches and was thrown to the wolves yet again to teach 28 bright and smiling five-year-olds.

However, I knew I would draw on my past experience. I was always known as a disciplined teacher. I ran a tight ship. My students knew what to expect, knew what I expected, and knew I would not lower that bar. That was great! However, some advice I got from a veteran kindergarten teacher in this monumental first year is what became my mantra and standard for every year after. “You can set expectations and stick to your guns. There can even be procedures and rules for everything. You can conduct your lessons like the maestro of a symphony. However, you cannot teach a child that doesn’t like you!”


Today I am so very honored to be a guest blogger over at the amazing Rachel Lynette's Blog – Minds In Bloom!  This week I am chatting with you about the importance of building rapport with students!  Sharing my heart with Rachel's readers is a true privilege.  Jump on over to her blog to read about 5 reasons your students need to like you to learn.

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Again, a huge hug and thank you to Rachel for allowing me to share my heart with her readers.  Be sure to check out her TPT store for amazing classroom resources for your students!  Know a teacher or administrator that needs this article?  Share it on Facebook and Instagram and tag your favorite teacher bestie!

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