5 Simple and Effective Math Games for Substitute Teachers

We all know it is much harder to be gone than to be at school. You want to make sure your students are still learning, but it can be hard to know what your substitute teacher will be able to get done. However, you can make your math lessons easier when you’re gone with math games for substitute teachers. 

Math Games for Substitute Teachers

A great way to engage students and review important math facts is by using math games for substitute teachers. These low-prep, effective activities are perfect for the days you have to be gone. 

  • Math Scavenger Hunt
  • Math Relay Race 
  • Math Bingo 
  • Math Word Search 
  • Math Escape Room 
  • Math Debate 

Math Scavenger Hunt to Review Key Skills

A math scavenger hunt is exactly what it sounds like. A hunt for math problems to solve! All you need to do is create a list of math problems or equations and hide them around your classroom or school. Then, divide students into small groups and have them work together to find and solve math problems. This activity is perfect for engaging students while they work on problem-solving and critical thinking skills! 

Race to Win!

This game is super easy to use! All you need to do is divide the class into teams and create a series of math problems or equations for each team to solve. Each team member has to solve one problem before passing the paper to the next team member. The first team to solve all the problems wins! This math activity for substitute teachers is easy because it doesn’t require any set up for the teacher. This means if you have to be gone suddenly, it’s an easy game for them to play. Math relay race helps students with teamwork and helps them review math concepts they have previously learned. 

The Perfect Math Game for Substitute Teachers? BINGO 

To play Math Bingo, you just need to create a set of math problems or equations and write them on slips of paper. Place the papers in a bag or box and have the students take turns pulling out the problem and solving it. If a student solves the problem correctly, they can place a marker on his/her bingo board. The first student to get five in a row wins! This math game for substitute teachers is great for reviewing previously used math concepts. You can pre-prep this activity for each section and use them in centers as well. Simply use your iris boxes to organize the pieces and put a few paper bags in there to use to put the slips of paper in. 

Bingo is a Fun and Engaging Game for Students!

What’s the Word? A Math Word Search 

Math isn’t just about solving problems. Recognizing math terms is just as important! A fun math game for substitute teachers is a math word search. Create a math word search using math terms or concepts that students have learned. This will help reinforce math vocabulary and can be a nice activity to do if students get done early. 

Use a Math Escape Room

Math Escape Rooms are great for older students. These math games for substitute teachers tend to be challenging and engaging. Most math escape rooms are self correction. To create a math escape room, create a series of math problems or equations that students must solve in order to unlock clues or codes. These clues and codes let them “escape” the room. You can add some literacy in there as well by making them escape something treacherous! 

For younger students looking to solve a mystery, you can check out these Color By Code Math Reviews as well! These activities give students a chance to work on math skills as well as their fine motor skills. Plus, since students are creating an image, it’s easy to self-correct. 

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Use Math Debate as a Fun Math Game for Substitute Teachers 

Much like a Math Escape Room, Math Debate is geared towards older students. To play Math Debate, divide the class into small groups and have each group research a math concept or theorem. Next, have the groups present their findings to the class and have a debate about the concept or theorem. In the debate, students can talk about pros, cons, and any controversies that surround the concept. This math game for substitute teachers allows students to work on critical thinking skills, public speaking skills, and reinforcing math concepts. 

Where to Find Equations for Math Games for Substitute Teachers

If you’re looking for some equations, you can also pull some ideas from your math centers. Our math centers are differentiated so you’ll be able to challenge your students as well as give them a little “break” with some easier questions while you are gone. If you have multiple levels of our math centers, you can use different problems from a variety of different grades whether that’s kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, or fifth grade. 

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Math games for substitute teachers are the perfect way to ensure your students are getting a great review on a day when you have to be away. In addition, these math games for substitute teachers are simple and require little prep for you to get ready. You can include the rules in your sub binder to make this even easier! No matter what activity you choose, you can rest easy knowing your students are engaged and getting important review time that is still challenging for them.

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